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Takashi Morinozuka (銛之塚 崇, Morinozuka Takashi), usually called Mori (モリ?), is a third-year at Ouran High School.

Age: 18

Birthday: May 5

Sign: Taurus

Height: 192 cm

Bloodtype: O

Favorite Food: Oriental

Favorite Subject: History and Geography (traditional Japanese)

Mori is depicted as tall, quiet and somewhat intimidating, but he is very protective of Honey (whom he calls by his first name, Mitsukuni, and vice-versa). It was seen in the anime and manga (Episode 12; Chapter 14) where Honey had a toothache, and Mori blamed himself for not reminding Honey to brush his teeth. He then restricted Honey from eating candy until he had a filling for his cavity. Honey ended up judo-throwing Mori to the floor in a fit of anger, but they made up soon afterward.

The Morinozuka family had protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations. As the two families were joined by marriage two generations back, the families became related to each other, thus breaking the master-servant tradition. Nevertheless, Mori still faithfully protects Honey and is always by his side, attending to his wishes and watching out for him; his protective personality extends to his classmates and the Host Club members, resulting in his gaining a certain level of respect.

Although as a host, he is considered the "wild" type, he normally doesn't try to woo girls. The girls like how he cares for Honey, and more timid customers are attracted to his tall physique and taciturn personality. In the manga, he has a more outgoing little brother, Satoshi Morinozuka, who does not appear in the anime.

Mori's hobbies include kendo, of which he is the national champion. In the manga, it is revealed that he becomes uncharacteristically talkative and flirtatious when he is tired. Also, in the later chapters, he raises a chick which he names Piyo and also takes in a stray tanuki.

In chapter 72, he graduates from Ouran, but says that he will return to the Host Club every so often, as will Hani.


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