Heyla! Those of you out there that even bother to read my rantings, *grin* well... Go right ahead and keep on! If you're bored, go ahead and PM me and I won't be averse to RPing with ya.

Update December 2010: Joined a Celtic band, don't know where it's going since we seem to play as much jazz, blues, and bluegrass and irish jigs so far, though I'm the newest member. We'll see. XD At the least I'm keeping up with playing with others.

If you're on my friend list and can't remember who the hell I am, you probably found me in some thread or another wandering around and Skutter will thank you kindly for returning me home without calling the cops. (My shots are overdue)

And... if you're starting a semi-literate to literate RP that needs a few more people, just send me the thread.

*huggles stoof*

Anyways I just recently bought some prismacolor pencils and I luff them very much. *nod nod* My real talents lie in ceramic sculpturing which I started only at the latter end of 2006. It's going pretty damn well and nothing gives me more pleasure than sinking my hands into a block of raw clay. My throwing isn't as great, neither is my drawing, painting, or charcoals but I figure it doesn't hurt to try to get a little better.

Check out my ceramics here, I'll get more of my stuff up soon!

I've played the violin for awhile and I'll be pleased to hear from anyone who wants to babble about band or orchestra or composing...whatever. I'd love to hear or see your work if you've got any.

Graduation and collage are looming up in the near future. o.o *ducks head*

Ooh! Anyone who can tell me where to find some good quality green tea will become my love.

Also I'm getting a little into debate, I'm not that great at it, and I'm looking forward to having room in my schedule for drama in collage. Skut's good at that stuffers. ^^ I want to learn Kabuki especially. That stuff is awesome. *huggles all*

Then, not to mention I'm a writer. *nod nod* I love rping and making joint stories. I'm just about done with the first book in a series I've got going. I'd love to hear from anyone who's actually published something.

Sorry, I had to add one of my poems here that I recently found again.

War on the Soul

Dull anger beats beneath my skin
Heart-red with life deep moving,
Fire kindled bright and dirty dark with sin.

Movements flashing, violence smashing.
Crumpling rusty tin.
Blood flowing, fight rising
Dull anger beats beneath my skin.

Sides winning, tides spinning.
Brother killing kin.
Ill-will's deeds are death causing.
Fire kindled bright, and dirty dark with sin.

Familiar faces, blood smearing
but cheering for the win.
Victory's price: Dying?
Dull anger beats beneath my skin.

Innocence has long been drowning,
then thrown in garbage bin
Leave of killing is now given
Fire kindled bright and dirty dark with sin.

'Are there winners in the game of war?'
One once cried into the din.
They shot him down
To drown his sound.
Dull anger beats beneath my skin.

Addition: A common nursery rhyme I'm sure many have heard

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good in every way.

I find this rhyme fairly funny when applied to my family, it is both accurate and ... hmm... how do you say it?

Well. It's interesting. If anyone's curious my father was Monday, mother was Saturday, oldest child (sister) was Thursday, next also Thursday (that would be my high functioning autistic brother), middle child (brother) was Tuesday, I ended up Wednesday, and the youngest child (brother) Thursday again.

This is where any friends who happen to notice and read this mail me and say I'm not anything like Wednesday's child. XD You'd be surprised.

On the other hand there's an older version of the poem but it seems most people think this version is screwed up...I suppose that's why the poem was changed later. The 1887 version is:
Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is loving and giving.
Thursday's child works hard for a living,
Friday's child is full of woe.
Saturday's child has far to go.
But the child that is born on Sabbath-day
Is bonny and happy and wise and gay.

As you see this would mix it all up rather badly and wouldn't fit my family almost at all, Dad and middle bro would stay the same and the rhyme fits them still of course, Mom ends up as the person left behind all of us, Eldest and second eldest and youngest all end up working hard which is kind of funny when applied to second oldest. And I *flutters hands in a mockingly sweet manner* become loving and giving.

XD ...Hmm... I think I'll stick with the newer version of the poem, in a way they both fit me, but I'm usually only most loving and giving to small animals rather than humans. *snort* I'd like to see someone apply that to me 100% of the time though.

On Gaia's sixth birthday ITz Mark shared a link to a site that looks at websites in the past. Here's the link to the day I joined Gaia. ^^ Ahh...the old layout. Not the first, but an older, classic one to me.


Update on 'About Me' in 2009, been in college for awhile now, some swet architectural classes and some fun stuff going on. T.T I'm really busy though and get little sleep. I play DDR for exercise. XD That's how little time I have to get out (though besides that I get out twice a week and run and lift weights like mad). Benching 80 pounds now, nothing to brag about but for a girl I'm not that bad. I could be better though. Violin is going well, I started piano last September, though I haven't had a lesson since November. I'm going to get the teacher back on next week though, so starting again mid-February. Yay!

Ceramics stuff hasn't gone anywhere, I don't have a kiln available and so I haven't done much. T.T Just work and school mostly, and a bit of gaia.

Started playing Fatal Frame 2 with my good friend Skutter. XD Freaking awesome game. Check out the 4 player podcasts on Youtube with Brad freaking out. He's hilarious.

Don't worry! The lack of sleep is keeping me my usual nutty, hyperactive self!


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