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S H R O O M S ♥

-i lOve to wear mii underwear around the house
-i think domo is the coolest thing around
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-i play soccer & when i do i'm the goal keeper & i think i'm pretty good
-i like all colors including shades
-i have a doggie and a kitty
-i don't have a bunnie anymore cause i killed it
-the last thing i just "said" was joke about killing my bunnie
-grand theft auto is mii fav game as well as guitar hero
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-i love to joke around untill it hurts someones feelings
-i can be a b***h to anyone i want
-i am very pretty and hate it when i see someone prettier than me
-the last thing i "said" about me is a lie
-i lOve to help ppl with their problems
-i lOve it when i love someone and they love me back
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-i hate it when someone dumbs uu just cause they saw a pic of uu and they think uu U G L Y
-i lOve mii family and friends very very very very much
-i have no real problems
-i like to make belive
-i hate think about my future
-if i had a lot of money i would spend it on clothes
-flirting with the mirror is mii speciltie
-i'm a stoner xD
-when i lOve someone i get a little obsesive & jelous
-but when i say i lOve uu i mean i lOve uu

hah ! so now uu learned some things about me & so now get the fuuk off my profile. xD

LiiV3 LiiF3 HiiGH