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Birthday: 12/16

Choose meh (One of the rare song where my voice's decent)


.... > w>

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Konnichiwa ~

My name's Meito/メイ (Sakine).
I suppose I had been introduced on 16 December of the year 2007.
I don't even know who damn created me. Awesome.
''Officially'' I'm around 17 - early 20s, it depends by the role-play I suppose.
I'm male. No. A sexy beast. Deal with it and be jealous of my awesomness.
I'm bi, so girls and boys you can fear the same *laughs*
I have these brown hair and brown eyes, but people also draw me with red eyes, that I prefer, personally.
I don't know my height and weight. Eeeeh, life...
If you didn't knew, I'm a fan-made and my voice's really awful usually, since people just take songs singed by my sister Meiko and make she have a 'lower-deeper' voice.
I don't have an item in particular, but I love saké and also smoking. Bad habits, I know... eeeh.
Meiko is my big sister (was a shock knowing that I'm around 17. Dufaq, I always tought I was bigger than Meiko...) and Meiko Sakine (Mei-chan?) is my little sister.
I don't have an ''official'' personality, but this roleplayer usually make me act rude/cold with person I don't know/dislike and kind, perv and awesome with person I love or starting to like... so in the end don't be that afraid of me, I don't bite everyone. Try to understand. Is question of feeling. ;D
Ah, this roleplayer also usually make me stubborn, easly angered, easy going, possessive and a gentleman with the people that I think that are interesting, it's really funny. *winks* I'm loyal and faithful, usually. *rolls eyes*

Just for being formal, go check this: Wiki - Meito
(For how I role-play as Meito, he's totally different as the one of the Wiki... X,D)

Mh, fine, I don't know what else I can say now. If you want to talk just leave a comment, I will be glad to talk with you. ;3


Ok so, as I said here I'm just 'roleplaying'. This is Meito, not me.
If he's anger/in love/whatelse with you/your character that dosn't mean I am too (obviusly, on this account I had met some people that I love and consider as my friends, so if you have dubts just ask me and don't be afraid). Hope you understand, see you~

Talk to meh, I don't bite! >BU

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Krist Sasonii Report | 05/22/2013 1:57 pm
Krist Sasonii
Pff, i suppose so~ *smiles*
*blinks, blushing slightly before internally trying to get it to go away, failing* Mm.. Your probably just as tasty *gives him coy smile, a flick of an unknown emotion sparking through his eyes, before just as quickly fading*
*raises a brow slightly, looking up at the other before nodding* Alright then~ *mumbles teasingly* Not that you would mind..~
*blinks a couple times, looking over the motorcycle admiringly, before snapping out of his trance and catching the helmet* hm.. *looks over to shiva, whom wrapped tighter around his neck* We'll ride your badass baby *he snickered at the name, walking over to the vehicle and gently hopping on, in the passenger position, since he hadn't a clue how to control one of these*

OoC: Aaw, thank you! ;3; My main account is just plain old me xDD and Krist here has the more vivid past and such >3>
8'D Pff, i'm totally gonna draw an epic badge, just for our use now |DDD And i wouldn't mind being your yaoi buddy~ ;D heart
Really? owo That's so cool~ 8D I used to hang around a couple gay guys, so it was always fun for me when they were around |D Eventually, i developed a liking for both Males and females ;3 so i know the feels~
really? xD *pokes you back* and anytime~ >w<
P.s: thank you so muuuch 8'D I finally got a desktop so i could color again ;3; So i've been on a mad coloring spree~ and half of them were for krist, since i finally mapped out his full backstory~ and he was my inspiration for awhile >3> so yep~ i'm glad you like it ;w;
Krist Sasonii Report | 05/17/2013 10:01 am
Krist Sasonii
Yes, but it's cool nonetheless *nods slightly* And sounds fine to me..~
Oh meh~ *looks at the other with a small smile* Well thank you~ *walks closer to him* You look just as delicious though *smirks slightly*
*looks at the drink before gently putting it up to his lips, taking a sip* hm.. i've never tried this before, it's actually pretty good *smiles some* And... you could say that, yes *glances down, chuckling softly at the glare he was recieving from shiva* hm.. shall we be off then..~?

You did do good work~ 83 <333
I know ;A; i really don't get people's problems with it, it's just like a straight relationship just.. sexier ;D //SHOTDEAD
Nah, just kidding |D but seriously, it shouldn't matter on gender in my opinion :U

That's fine by me~ 83 Pssh, glad i could be interesting~ >W< your pretty interesting and epic yourself ;3 heart
Krist Sasonii Report | 05/16/2013 12:27 pm
Krist Sasonii
*chuckles softly* Do you, now? Most find it out of the ordinary, so they call me by nicknames. Your name is much more exotic though *nods*
a-- *blinks, blushing slightly before quickly trying to get it to go away* I disagree with that..~
*looks at the sakè, tilting his head to the side slightly before nodding and taking it* Mm, i think i'd prefer going with you *glances down at his snake, Shiva, whom had wrapped around his neck* Shiva wants to come too

OoC: Pff |DD Very true~ <3
Thanks so much~ ;3; I kind of came up with it on the spot, so yeah =w= and anytime 83 Very true~ but i like your meito more, it seems more... well, like the character looks, y'know? xD
And yes the best one 83 Most others i've seen are either not online, just kind of... monotone, or don't RP him right whatsoever ;3;
Hooray for all ze awesomeness 83 Your awesome too for liking it 83 Most people don't, so 8U I'm always like "why not..? .w."
XD no prob~
Krist Sasonii Report | 05/14/2013 5:52 pm
Krist Sasonii
*blinks before smiling some* Anytime~ *raises a brow at the brofist before brofisting him back* Nice to meet you as well, I'm krist. And thank you, your pretty good looking yourself *smiles some*

OoC: Anytime~ 8D Glad you accepted >w<
Really? ;3; Sweet~ I'm glad you like him~ I adore your meito too, from everything that i've read on your profile >3< Out of the meitos i've seen on the site, your actually the best one 83 *nodnod*
Sure, i'm up for RPing anytime ;D Especially yaoi~ /SHOT
Heh XD Again, anytime~
Nakamura_Fye Report | 03/29/2013 5:30 am
MEITO-SAN~~~!!! *glomp you* whee
it had been a while, isn't it??
aaww~~ i'm sure missing you so much, Meito-san.. emotion_kirakira
Royal Peaches Report | 01/11/2013 1:27 pm
Royal Peaches
you want 10,000,000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold
-Yuki-Toitsu- Report | 01/09/2013 9:53 am
yw and thnx and im good hbu uncle ? whee
Nakamura_Fye Report | 12/17/2012 5:10 am
ahaha~ thanks, Meito-san.. whee *hugs you back*
hope you all fine during xmas.. xd
-Yuki-Toitsu- Report | 12/16/2012 8:56 am
happy birthday ^^
I Dicksicle 69 I Report | 12/15/2012 9:44 pm
I Dicksicle 69 I
Y-You're welcome~
*blushes* cat_redface
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