Hello! My name is Isabella_Mortua...but you can call me Izzy or Iz if you're too lazy to type out Isabella...^.^
My favorite colors are green (any shade) and just about any color of pastel...
I'm an only child but I have two friends that are like sisters to me and they are Katlyne and Naurlote.
I have a kitty kitty named Alexander (Alex for short or Alexander the Great for long)
I'm a college student and eventually I want to become a doctor studying viruses!
So far I've watched all of Scrapped Princess and I'm in the process of watching Inuyasha...I have this HUGE thing for Sesshoumaru but I like Kouga too...*nods*
My favorite t.v. show is Criminal Minds
I like to flirt but I don't mean anything by it...but I DO find a lot of guys cute...mainly nerdy ones so if you're a really cute nerd pm me! ^.^
I'm American and damn proud of it and I think you should be proud of whatever country you come from!
I'm traditional in many ways and I love studying the ancient cultures of our world.
I'm currently trying to learn how to sword fight...not very good at it but it's ok...
I love to talk
I'm a total drama queen...
I find the night to be beautiful and exquisite especially in fall and winter but I still love the morning and afternoon ^.^ but the night is still my favorite!
ok...that's all I have for now...if you want more just talk to me...*nods*


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The Inner Depths of a Demon

Demons: thoughts and feelings

ok...so I'm an extrovert...anybody who knows me knows that I'm loud...and most of the time obnoxious...but I rarely actually show how I'm feeling unless your a best so...yeah...this is going to be an effort to...express myself better? eh...I stink at



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Nice profile =)

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hey buy some cloths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Hallo! Ich liebe Sie viel!

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Nope, no comment for yous

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rockin Issabella...where have you gone off too? *sniffle*

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Ya got a very mystical look goin' on. I dig it. *thumbs up*
blazing_pheonix 007

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blazing_pheonix 007

hey was up. pm me if u wanna talk sometime. peace out

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OMG you awsome Isabella!!!

oh and thanks for sending me back that letter cause its cool knowing yo guys more!

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random-cool avi

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Your page is so beautiful! ^^ where did you find the html for it? (not gonna steal it just want to know who came up with the design lol) where did you get that awesome thing for your face in the avatar?


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