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Its All ABOUT me BABY!!! KISS IT! xD

By the way I change my Pic a lot Cuz i like a lot of mine so yeah xD


User ImageYo!Mah Babehz!Was GawdDis chick's name is Yailene! Yea its weird Ya gotz a problem...Yea i thought so.Anywho Dis babe is me i kno u want mah but sh!t sorry honey Im taken
Okai Lets get into da detail Of meh...Well Ima Short lil Brat xD jk
Yeah so ethier ya like meh or ya dont...Im not so bad okaii..xD
Trust me Im probly da sweetest chick u would ever know! I play VOLLAYBALL! nd go on da Computer alot yeah okai Sooo...Ima shawty! im 5'2
nd I weigh 95lbs, Yesh im fat...:[nd i luff to make friends! So add meh Mkay As ya can see dat picture is meh....Ugleh isnt it?well if yer blind or sumthing... ima discrib mah self;Ima Crazy Gal im not EMO I geuss ima scene gurl? idk
But anyways...Im short and I wear glasses!Anything wrond wit dat? Okai Call me a nerd cuz of wat ima tell u now...
I got braces....BUT I MAKE EM LOOK SEXY! xD and and and I listi to rock/sum hip hop i geuss idk wat i geuss xD....I laugh ALOT yup lol So ya want to know more ADD ME!!!! be my best budeh! coment i luff random coments...Send meh a PM idc jus talk to me!

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Dis Boi is my brother....He's going to airforce so im wishing him loads or luck
i love my brother .... We fight a lot ...
When i think about all the times we
fight and the times im really mean to him i...cry.
Like rite now im cry i love him so much...We have lots of fun times together...
I grew up with him hes the one who took care of me...
Im not gonna see him a lot anymore...
Im gonna miss him soo much
Love u Jorgy T.T
Pics of me ^.^

Yo Man dis kid is FINEE!!
and hes real good at guitar I love him!
He inspierd me to play this song so later or soon ill hav a youtub video of me singing nd playing Face Down look him up hes HAWT and really good xDD
1.Go to
2.Go to the search Bar
3.Type : Jaren at out choir party singing Face Down
4.Watch and enjoy hisawsum voice nd mad skill in guitar

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i HeArT eDgAr !

Im back.... Not 4 long tho so talk to me 4 for i get off....