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Celestial Anachronism Report | 06/15/2009 1:30 pm
Celestial Anachronism
Changed my UN, and today was the last day of skool 4 me. It was fun, fun, fun. We had a picnic and played in the water.
Do you need anymore musics for your profile?
Celestial Anachronism Report | 04/11/2009 6:43 am
Celestial Anachronism
No problem. As I said, it would have been up sooner........but my internet is stupid.
Celestial Anachronism Report | 04/11/2009 6:27 am
Celestial Anachronism
Photobucket was acting all funny on me. Srry. I'm putting it up right now.
Strawberry Melt Report | 04/08/2009 4:09 pm
Strawberry Melt
Hey :3
Strawberry Melt Report | 04/08/2009 4:08 pm
Strawberry Melt
Hey :3
Celestial Anachronism Report | 04/08/2009 2:54 pm
Celestial Anachronism
I'm not sure yet. I might be getting a job *cross your fingers* and If I get it the answer will be yes. Check out the newest addition to my gallery when you have the chance........and yes, it is for you and you can put it in your profile.
Celestial Anachronism Report | 04/08/2009 8:18 am
Celestial Anachronism
KAT MY PARENTS BOUGHT ME A CAR!!!! It's a 1995 Red Ford Deathscort (escort), and I love it!
AprilAwesome Report | 04/07/2009 1:37 pm
Thanks for the buy.

x-sweetangelof1993-x Report | 04/05/2009 2:10 pm
Wow. Oops, sorry Tak, I pasted the wrong thing to you. I was just transfering art so I guess that's what was copied and I didn't realize it. Anyways, it's Angel, gaia banned me for harassing Ameldae. So this is my new account.
x-sweetangelof1993-x Report | 04/05/2009 2:04 pm
Drew this about a month ago...
Self avi art, not my current avi though.

Took about 30 minutes to do, done all on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

**One random commenter will get free avi art!**

My DA:



Wow...I've certainly put this off for a while. I guess that's because I'm always kind of bad at these sort of things. Were to start....were to start?

Personal Information:

My name is Katherene, but my friends call me Katie, Kat, or Tak. I live in the suburbs with my Mom, Dad, and baby sister. My hair is cut like Tak's from Invader Zim, and its dyed that cheap burgendy you get at walmart-the Hot Topic purple is against my skool's dresscode and makes my hair fall out. I'm kind of short (four foot, eleven inches) and naturally skinny (I personally feel like I'm made of willow branches-not cool).

I'm sixteen and currently dating a wonderful girl who's a year younger than me (I'm bi, not lesbian). We run around the park that's a mile from my house and dress like 80's rockstars or burlesque girls just for kicks (I'm not technically allowed out of the house if I'm dressed like the last one, but hey, what else are backpacks for?). I skip from era to era in my mannerisms, dress, and artworks.

I'm a fan of Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim, JTHM, Squee, and a bunch of other incredible things), Roman Dirge, Tim Burton, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman ( the author of Coraline, The Cemetary Book, American Gods, Stardust....he's a genius!). I draw, listen to music, and do costume design in my spare time.

Other Stuff:

I HATE art thieves. If you are one, I will pursue you until the stolen art is either taken down and never posted again, or until you are banned. It is a CRIME, punishable by LAW. I don't care if you think that the anonymous interweb masses won't mind your blatant disregard of the rules, I don't care if you 'changed it a bit', it doesn't matter. Thieft is thieft, regardless of its means.

I may be dressed in a starter set of clothing (It closely matches the cosplay I'm going for) but in no way am I a N00b. I've been on gaia for a while, and know how to navigate the ropes. Don't try hacking me, or scamming me, or anything like that. I know a sham when I see one, and I'm not easy to fool.

If you want to friend me, talk to me, or anything like that just PM me or whatever. I'm a really nice person to my friends, and a bit of an oddball at times.

Avi Art by sweetangelof1993

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Go give her great votes and comments! The artist's gallery is linked here->

Avi Art by Neoki_Jaganshi

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Music! Let's Rock On!

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