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Always Remember ~

Look around. You might pity yourself, thinking that you've done your best but it just won't be enough to get whatever your goal is. Look back. You might see how long have you been trying to reach it. Look straight. There's still a long road you have to walk on. Look down. Your feet are swollen, already tired with the journey. Look at both sides. There's nothing else to go but to continue with the path you're already taking. Look up. With your faith, you'll be able to receive more strength that you need. Now look around, look back, look straight, look down and look at both sides again. Have you realized how lucky you are to survive up to this moment? Well, you should. For everything that happened and will happen to you, keep in mind that it will just make you stronger. Whenever you feel neglected and alone, don't forget to look up and regain the strength you've lost. There's no trial that can't be solved. So go on, don't be afraid to endure the difficulties on your way, 'cause that's just a part of your journey.

My Personality ~

You are not required to read this so I don't mind if you will just skip it. I just want to introduce myself.

Call me "Aliah". I won't be placing my full name here due to privacy purposes. Most of our relatives call me Alai (pronounced as "alay" but in a fast manner) because that's my nickname eversince I was a kid, yet I prefer being "Aliah" in my friends.

I'm sweet, talkative and understanding. Whenever you did something wrong, as long as you have a valid reason, I'll be accepting it. Just don't do it every now and then, cause seriously I'm a short-tempered person.

One more thing is that you better not talk to me when I'm in a bad mood. No jokes, otherwise I might say rude words to you.

I am not looking for love life so if that's your purpose of reading this then you can get out of here right now.

I love watching Action movies, those with great effects and suspense. I never had interest with those romantic ones. I watch Filipino movies once-in-a-lifetime. No offense to other Filipinos out there, but since I'm not into romantic movies, then there's no reason for me to watch our local films.

I am a writer, mainly editorial and news. I love writing poems and stories in my notebook during classes and later on continue it at home. I'm good at drawing anime but I don't watch those stuffs.

My world evolves around the internet, games, cellphone, food and sleep. I am a happy-go-lucky girl, I never worked hard but in the end I always get what I want and seriously I'm trying to change that attitude.

I love violet. My classmates in elementary used to call me "talong", a tagalog word for "eggplant". Almost all of my clothes and things are violet that time, well that changed when I became a freshman. However, my favorite color will always be the same.

I am a straight-to-the-point person. I never back-stab, not even my enemy. I will tell you personally whatever I want to say so don't be surprised if I caught you off guard. Don't worry though, I won't do it in front of everyone.

My main role in life is to make everyone around me happy, to be someone to lean on whenever they have problems and to make them realize the value of such things. Someone is always looking for me - not because they need me to discuss business, but to share their experiences about their love life, studies, or just to simply chat with me.

You can entrust me all your secrets, feel free to ask any advice even if you're a stranger.

I am afraid to be hurt physically - but not emotionally. I love taking risks as long as I know that it's worth it.

Alright, enough with my life. Thanks for reading until the end. If you want to know more things about me, then read my "Interests" or talk to me ~

A proud member of CURSED PIRATES and GROUND ZERO in Wonderland Online! wink


C[/color:9105e75914]U[/color:9105e75914]R[/color:9105e75914]S[/color:9105e75914]E[/color:9105e75914]D[/color:9105e75914] P[/color:9105e75914]I[/color:9105e75914]R[/color:9105e75914]A[/color:9105e75914]T[/color:9105e75914]E[/color:9105e75914]S[/color:9105e75914]~G[/color:9105e75914]R[/color:9105e75914]O[/color:9105e75914]U[/color:9105e75914]N[/color:9105e75914]D[/color:9105e75914] Z[/color:9105e75914]E[/color:9105e75914]R[/color:9105e75914]O[/color:9105e75914]



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