I guess you can say I'm Vikki.
I'm in a complicated relationship. I really don't know if were still dating. its really complicated.
Music=my blood. Texting=passion. Friends=my life. <3

The Devil Wears Prada
The Used
A Skylit Drive
Bring Me The Horizon
Sky Eats Airplane
Cute Is What We Aim For
School Boy Humor
The Junior Varsity
All Time Low
Attack Attack
Dance Gavin Dance
Blood On The Dance Floor
Eyes Set To Kill
From Autum To Ashes
August Burns Red
Panic! At The Disco
Bullet For My Valentin
Patent Pending
The Maine
The Medic Droid
Escape The Fate
Munipial Waste
The Higher
Story Of The Year
The Starting Line
Hawthorne Heights
Medina Lake
Family Force 5
Autum Offspring
From Juipter
Peirce The Veil
Black Dehlia Murder
I Wrestled A Bear Once
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Red Jumpsuit Appatatus
The Almost
The Audition
Senses Fail
Rise Against
Rage Against The Machine
Breathe Carolina
Mindless Self Indulgence
Hollywood Undead
Killswitch Engage
All American Rejects
From First To Last
Taking Back Sunday

and many more.

This ish meh. Meh is uglyy
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Jess Lesnefsky-you are amazing i love u your the best..we have so many interesting times when we hangout...we got suspended..that was fun..that one day when we were at the library and your phone started vibrating..REALLY LOUD...that was funny..and that day when we went to the park your camera broke i fell backwards..you LAUGHED so did I but thats ok..and that one day we were on our way to toris house and we found a ball...hmm the possiblities..we were thinking.soo we decided to take it...so we played with it until tori and becca came to toris hosue...then IT POPPED=[...so sad..i wonder if it still on her roof...then we started to hit niks house to get his attention..that didnt work..3 ******** hours waiting for those tickets....and that show wow was that amazing..taking piks of nik topless..watching tony mosh..wow good times.....and that mikey kid....OHH NOOO he dont own u i took the time to buy u he didnt...so HA mikey...u do no own little miss jessica...I DO and i have proof..go to my myspace and look for the own friends thingy..and right their it says under jess HAHA betch i own u no....SO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA mr mikey.... speacking of mikey that one day at the library when we took this quiz and it asked for out cell number so we put in mikeys...HAHA and it snet hima text for a pin...that was a funny time....OR this one day whcih was today when we went to cousin and the REALLY hot slim jim...and saw this REALLY tall dude...and then we went to the river to play in the river u almost fell in(twice)..then we had to pee so we went to the bathrrom and FLOODED it...HAHAHAHA..then we played in the tennis court...AND THEN PUDDLES...HAHA u fell in one...playing guitar hero...eating ramen..mm wat else did we do today..ohh ya we swam in your pool..and OMG how about that one dude..mr lisp fly down guy..HAHA..i think thast all we did today..and playing truth or dare.. and the day we went to the Wayne County FAi and we were on the faiirs wheel and I sceamed hey hotie and the people in the cart behind us wre like HEYY and im like not u but uhmm heyy. Or how bout the day i finally got to come over your house and we went to toris and we had a dog leash that way we woulnt loose eachother..got to stick the buddy system..and then you like pulles on it and you ripped by belt loops..wow good times and when we were at toris and i was screaming her name and her grandma comes out and was like wtf? and then tori comes out and she sees that mikey was at nicks and she started to hide ORRR how bout the time at the mall with the hot dude ya he was hot..and at sears with the peoples talking about us..those bitches..and playing tag..and me knocing over a ******** coat thing or mt toucheing a manicans butt..daym he had a nice a**..and at wal mart with the cart and you pused me into clothes and the worker guy was like *big gasp* NOOOOO..or yesterday when me adn tyler got married..and flippy fell tring to cross the bridge..HAHA now that was funnyy... AND that time me and jason went over ur house, i belive christa was there. and tyler was too. and we played twister and truth or dare, or when me and u anc christa went to the mall and she and ricky dicky. DID SOME THINGS. lol and ur b-day party. fitting like 13 ******** people in a small a** car. and THE COPS! we tought we were in trouble. and the FETUS! and when me and u hung out. we got CHESSE IN A CAN! u love that s**t. STUPID SNOW. WINND! cheese mustaches.!!!!! and in the movies. u dumped like ALL ur popcorn on Jason Lindsy Flipp and Christa. and THEN UR BURPED. PIG!.. or the time when we went to the mall. O_o that one dude from teh raly taht said he lives in PA too. O-o CREEPY.. lol sitting on the eskalatores.(funky way to spell it) the sour things. _Jake_ WHY THE s**t. haha Jake. and hiding in the back of ur dads trunk. OR the really hot guys that were following us. Dude this is long as ********. Lol. and how bout yesterday? No the day before yesterday. When we went to the library but it was "closed" so we went to the park. So we decided to go in the slide,not the best idea we had. So yah, we were like stuck and then like I HEARD SOMETHING. so like i came in with you and we fell out., well fell down the slide. The we played tic tac toe, DANCING AT THE SAME TIME..Then tori came alone. Getting attacked by picker bushes, Yes funny. then listetning to music, me screaming b***h. lol, Yeah we got hungry, So we go to the chineses restraunt. GOOD TIMES.Burping. Giving Alex directions. Wow.. holy s**t theres still more, lol. Well everybody, there was this one day.I beleive it was either Monday or Tuesday, one of those days. Any who, Jess and I were at the library on facebook, the Are You Intrested app, an application where u meet random people, very fun. LIke I was saying, we were at the library, all of a sudden I find this dude with a piercing, and jess was like " thats soo fake" and then I say "thats so fake UNLESS its real " lol. You had to be there. Then around like 5ish. we started to walk home. but we had to split up at a certain pint bc we live on the the oppistite sids and what not. SOOO i'm like " we cant break up at the bridge. Jess was like "why" then I was like " it says no dumping" We stated laughing it was so funny. Lol. Then like two days ago. we went to the library and chirsta was there, so we went and hung out with her. then we decided to sell pretzles. So we took a short cut sorta. all of a sudden we were on a bridge, and christa was like "noooo guys get down you can fall" shes so caring. lol then basically we walked around and sold pretzles. There was a sign that said "W Ch CH lol. Hm. We hung out yesterday. At mellow. I was there before you for once. Lol. GO me for walking fast. "STOP BEING SO EMO" lol. Mean people. Seen a dude ina gorilla coustome. KEPT RUNNING away I coulndt get a picture. lol. Hm those cloulds. Sharky, lol. MILK!!!.. Haha. today when we went to the mall at like 1 ish, Lol. Walking around. Eating 5 doller foot longs.We met up with lindsey. ANd OMG, At the movies. Taking our pants off. Me and you sliding aroung. and when we first went in there it was all black and dark. lol and i pushed u over the seats. lol sorry bout that. haha. and the guys getting in trouble by the b***h a** cop. haha. shes a total b***h. Yelling at us for waitng outside of the mall. Lol we always did that. Grrr her.lol and i forgot that at the mall we tried on dresses and s**t. lol and showed tyler the THING..and on michelles party on our way to your dads house those people in the van that told me they loved me. lol and on sunday when we went to wall mart and starbucks we were about to sit out side and your dad was like *beeeEeeeeeeeeep*.. lol and you asked Jake out for me. Jeez thanks. lol and we were at your dads house playing Old School Super Mario and we broke the tv. NICE!!!!.. haha OSH!, dude remember that old guy at the mall, the one that was dancing, ya him. i still have that picture at the from the mall. haha. "i dont have a d**k" HAHA!. Dude you made me spill my soda. GRR, how about that hot guy, the one with those WHORES! gahhh. lol MOCHA FRAP!

Becca Vagnarelli- DUDE u are the shet we have some amazing times hanging out...like that tiem we went to cousins and we were on out way back to ur hosue and i said that sherese has a fat butt..and everything got qutie....or that time in 6th grade in math class when i called flippy a lesbo and she told mrs anglei on meh and im like i didnt mean it were friends and she believed me HAH good time..ot that time in science we couldt stop laughing..for like no apperant reason...and our bus wow that fun screamin TIMMAAAAAA..hes strange....AND OMFG ur party wow that was fun..slipping on ice...ya gewd times....haha in science we flig notes halway accross the roomm..u almost hit the teacher..HAHAHA...and that one sday u kept screaming my name to get the awnseres on the worksheet..ahah science good times...and omg on the bus filging s**t at people...WOW CRAZY bus..and making fun of the bus driver b/c shes fat and she shoyld wear v necks..haha."ya 8th graders get off the buss"..haha rember that last year when we had jim...haha..i wonder if that stain is still on that bus seat..hmmmm..haha..i told u i was gonna give u a long a** decription..soo there u goo..love ya♥

Traivs Mckenzie- dude ur amazing and dont even say ur not or i will go to cali and SLAP U..HAHA be afarid...im no longer gonna by u on mysapce that person keeps buying u off me..grr that person..ur hot..dont be scared when u read this but ya ur HOT wub u *huggles*♥

Nick- ur a skater dude and i love it.. dud..... ur mad awesome <.<...i could do that face and u cnat b/c u no what will happen if u do use that particlualr face..haha hmm ur kind hot..i guess thats it..love ya like a brother♥

Derek Griffen- dude holy s**t i cant believe i forgot about you.god im so mean..dude u may think your all bad a** but deep down ur a sweet little boy
wel i really dont know what else to say (:


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cool avi

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Hey~ i know its been atleast a year, maybe two, but im jus checking to see if anyone remembers me lol

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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!

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Yo Whats Good biggrin

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im satan_will_eat_you. i changed my name and profile.
well, uhm. whats up?
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*hug tackles*
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Neo Amerika

Hey this Skorm ninja aka jeff it's been along time seen I typed to you and going on gaia how have you been? Also can you plz add me cause I need some on to talk to.
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A Murderers Consciiencee

A Murderers Consciiencee

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uhm k
let me go get my pphone
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