the name is sarah. im single, 17 years old, and a senior in highschool. i am quite shy around new people but i love to make new friends. i have a wide variety in taste of music from artists to genres. i am completely nocturnal and i hate it. im not too bright but im not dumb either, im just average. i love music and my one weakness is coke & mountain dew slurpees. im obsessed with the color purple (yes the actual color, not the movie), and it is in fact the color of my walls. speaking of my room, it is way to small and i have a blanket over my window. so sorry you cant stalk me. (: i have a couple of best friends, but i dont consider myself popular. im love to text, even though it can be annoying. anything else, just ask. (:

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Qing (RedRainDropz)


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hey i miss you <3

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I remember when we used to play zOMG all the time crying
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It Was Consensual

Yeah...it is. = n=
Especially when your normal work schedule gives you 10+ hour days.

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Sounds like a good plan! Do you plan to move out of you state someday?
Yeah, me too! I also need a job to pay my classes x.x but its hard to find a job this days!

Haha, i try not to leave but then i get so bored...my old friends left gaia and so did my bf!
tried to make new groupies but then people end up not getting online anymore! I've been
playing gaia for so long now...and last September i just lost a really good gay best friend here
in gaia but i trusted him to much, i let him borrowed all my stuff but he wouldn't want to return my
stuff and been ignoring me for months..so i end up reporting him and got my stuff back >.>

Hehe, I've been drawing for many years...and takes a lot of practice to be really good :/
but if i ever did get a scanner and some art supplies, ill make an avi art for you (:
an example of my art razz

(Lol, totally not finished but OHHH WELL!)

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Do you have any plan after you graduate?
Hehe, well at least his worried better than nothing!
I would do avi arts if only i have scanners and supplies
i run out already and i'm also broke...i need a job!!

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I bet! with senior projects and presentation, etc..
Haha, are you exited for graduation??
Yeah, i been trying to quit many times but
i still come back...i has no life, so yeah xD
I'm still with my guy and he wants me to quit gaia!
he thinks ill cheat on him with pixel boys/men Haha!
Yeah? i want to make my own art but..im to lazy D:

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How have you been?
you barely online now!
where did you went hiding?
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It Was Consensual

Lucky...Ima be working even more when summertime comes because we'll be getting more kids at the daycare.
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It Was Consensual

Lol tired all the time cuz I work a lot. XD
How bout you?
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It Was Consensual

I haven't done a tektek contest in foreverrrr.


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