Well Hi people that r just randomly looking to my proflieeee xd Well my Favorite color is purple. I just luv peopleeee xD.Liking pancakes then waffles. And....ermmmmm i like cheeze....WEll i wnn hve more friends to talk to then just usully. xD Im on mostly everyday . So just message me for anything else.. And i like Yaoi! whee z . My turn ons i like people that wear glasses..has black/brown hair lol and taller . Type i like hmmm...are a sweet funny caring soetimes rough wink but tall and thats it pretty much...and NOT a playa haha!
OH and just ask me if u wanna get added on my proflie and tell me what u want to be saying when ur there biggrin .Now about yaoi im an innocent uke by the way 3nodding . Im really short and pm to know the reason why. Haha biggrin Hmm im really active just waiting for some friends to hang with . Im really lonely here though D: soo...yea . i like Pandas too. Im FUN to be around when u get to know me better i guess so just talk to me and yea hope we become friends! ..i still need more i feel loneley XD

whee MY DREAM AVI! heart

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White Bakeneko Tail
Ancient Katana
Jenny Doll
Gray SKA shoes
Black Wool Top
Neutral Starter Glam Guy Trousers
Pandy Pack
Pro Team Jacket
Black Punk Band
Black Cowboy Bandana


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joker  _x5

Report | 02/20/2011 2:12 pm

joker _x5

im liking your new look (pokes your ears)

Report | 01/16/2011 2:32 pm


atleast ur not a noob =D xD sweatdrop

Report | 01/15/2011 9:40 am


LMFAO!! aww ur avi looks adorable xD

Report | 01/06/2011 9:15 am


lmfao ur so gay XD 3nodding blaugh whee wink


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*Donate/Trade Meh* ;D

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