Welp. Here i am, using a temporary account till i get my main account back [.Ravena.]. It got hacked so i had someone ban it till my hack report went through. As for the story here it is:

I was browseing a forum in chatterbox looking at the idiotic posts people were making and came over a giveaway advertisement. I was curious so i clicked to link, and when i did so, the link logged me out. So at first i started freaking out on why the link logged me out. 10 minutes later i couldn't log into my account. And it was offical that my account was hacked and it was because i clicked the link, for the person was posting/advertising the same link in the chatterbox using my account.

After 30 minutes i finally remembered i was friends with a mod her name is terradi and i asked her if there was anything she could do. And she said she could ban my account until the hack report went through. So gladly i let her do that. Which saved all my stuff, since the hacker hadn't tooken anything out as far I know. So it will me weeks or months before i offically get my account back again. So fwaaa here i am. <3

Current AMV i am working on: Was working on Given Up by Linkin Park, using Elfen Lied. But i currently do not have access to a Movie maker program.

Raven's Likes-

Fast Breaks <3
Elfen Lied <333
Naruto <33
Wild Berry Skittles <3
Peanut Butter <3
Milk <33
DeathNote <333
Fruits Basket <3
Megatokyo <3
Tacos <3
Whip Cream <33
This dude<33333

Raven's dislikes:

You <3
Mint <3
Turkey <3
Gravy <3
Ham (sometimes) <3
Popcorn <3
False Ganster people <3
Mr. Kasselen <3
Taylor <3
Foxes (because they eat bunnies) <3

Things about me you should know-

Sometimes i feel like i say sorry, when i do no wrong.
I don't believe in labels (such as Goths, Emos, Preps, Punks, Skaters etc). Be yourself, not a label that someone gave you.
I believe that depression doesn't exist and it's something you convince yourself of.
I believe that the world is entirely to judgemental, including myself sometimes.
I don't believe in aliens, but i do believe is other life forms out there in the vast universe
People love attention. Everyone does. Some people just show it more than others. So why hate them, or judge them?
I am a selfish person
I hate drama, though sometimes i do start it, most of the time i'm trying to patch things.
I'm human. So get the f*ck over that i make mistakes.


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Chaos Gadget

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Chaos Gadget


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you must think i actually care how many friends you have. people on this site are just a name, they aren't real friends, unless you know them. and i don't give a sh*t what your other avatar looks like.

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you keep that up its a wonder you have no friends. i think you need to look at yours to see 1 material.

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so what if it doesn't match, it still doesn't deserve a f*cking 1. i spent a lot of time and money on it and your criticism is unwelcome.

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*comments self again*

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what the hell is your problem?i don't deserve a 1, i look better than you ever will, you're just a b*tch.


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