About Iram:
I have been around gaia for years and years now. I love gaia and I met my fiancee here so I will probably never leave. I am an artist. I usually do most of the art you see me using around my threads/signatures/profiles. I primarily reside in the art freebies forums but have been known to haunt the B&C, art contests, and art auctions/commissions.

Art Status: Taking bribes-ish I suppose. PM me for details. Offers Above 20M Only please.
Art Queue:
Updated: 4/18/14
Amelia Kitten/Pocket Mew : Lines Completed / Coloring, Auction Winner (Lovey Couples Piece)
Ashcroft The Fox: Queued (Brown Fox Outfits)

My Galleries:
My Deviant Art <- I don't post a ton there.
FA and Tumblr upon request and you providing me with your Email address.

Current Endeavors: Newest to Oldest (Links)

f*ck Off <- DeliciouslyUke and I give freebies here, and welcome our kind of people. I also livestream here, now and again.

Love or Be Killed 2 <- Retired Thread
The LOBK Guild<- Our little piece of gaia, rarely used.
The Original LOBK <- Retired Thread