A little 'bout me.

Hi everyone! My name's Vicky for those who care. I live in Canada, and I love it here. :]

As a hobby I draw, roleplay or roll around on the floor.

My eyes are a rich brown and my hair is a dark brown. I got extensions, yes. They are very expensive! o: It's fun taking care of them though. :3

I often write stories--currently I'm SUPPOSE to be writing a story about my life...but I totally forgot about it. Heh heh. o wo;;

Well, love meh everybody! 8D I like that x3 <3 Oh, oh! And Chatter me up with some comments! ;D

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Drawing, Roleplaying, Rolling On The Floor, Laughing For No Reoson, Scaring My Cat, Shopping, Dyeing My Hair, Opening A New Thread, Chatting, Listening To Music

Pet Peeves/Dislikes
Vomit, Heights, Water, Stairs, Being Hurt, Hitting Walls, Cry Babies, Bullys, Not Having Enough Money, My Hair In The Morning, Brother, People You Can't Understand, People Who Don't Stay On The Ground(Who think they're all that), Copy Cats

Favorite Things/Books/Places/Movies/Bands
Animals, Twilight, Animorph, Halo 3, Dear Canada Novels, Meet Dave, Colouring Books, Gaia, MSN, Autumn, Chicken Pie, Dellisio, Cookies & Cream, Bagels, Flyleaf*band*, Fireflight*band*, Lights*band*, Hotels, Niagara Falls, Darien Lake, Friends, Cameras, Pictures, Roleplaying Games, Emotes, Operation, CSI:Las Vegas, Fort George *Ghost Tour*(A real place), Eyeliner, Kitty Faces, etc.