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        Call Me: IQ, Iqqy, Aikyuu, Ed, Radio, Jack, Toxie, or any other nickname you'd like to come up with.

        I've been on and off gaia multiple times, but I always return. I love to role play here and make great friends. I'm pretty friendly if I say so myself, if not a little crazy and strange. I play zOMG! every now and then as well as Jigsaw here on Gaia.

        My profile was made by my friend Ane_san. She's not on gaia right now but I'm trying to talk her into returning. She also made my friend Shojo-Sparkle-Fish's awesome FMA profile.


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ShaunaMarieJ Report | 01/16/2014 9:39 pm
Thank you, dear! whee
scionofapolo Report | 07/11/2013 8:31 am
cool avi
scionofapolo Report | 06/08/2013 4:02 pm
Radio *tacklehuggleglomps*
VampireRoulettePrincess Report | 12/23/2012 1:53 pm
Hey saw your art thought u might be interested Permanent Personal Artist (Gaia Cash Offer)
Silent Circus Monster Report | 11/17/2012 2:19 am
Silent Circus Monster
Personally I think the black ones would go well. Their basically the reverse of your sneakers right now.
Silent Circus Monster Report | 11/17/2012 1:22 am
Silent Circus Monster
Your avatar is so sexy Darkling!!! I love the look~ If only you had a skate board or some roller blades.
Devil of Jealousy Report | 10/08/2012 11:02 am
Devil of Jealousy
Java Amnesia Report | 05/24/2012 9:06 am
Java Amnesia
O _ O
O . O
O 3 O
= w =
Are you sure you see what I did?
Sir Gabriel93 Report | 10/31/2011 11:11 am
Sir Gabriel93
Thank you for the birthday wish. It's nice to see. I hope you have a great Halloween.
Shojo-Sparkle-Fish Report | 10/02/2011 7:16 am
Thank you so much for the birthday wish! And Thank You Ichigo for getting all fancy for me, I know it was hard and you were probably bribed!

Nanako: SHHHH! Don't tell my secret bribery method!
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