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Welcome|Catherine's|Profileee .
Yo! Heheh. Hi.
The name is.. well.. kinda obvious... ANYHOO, call me Catt. NO, not for CATHY. For Catherine! I know the two t's thing is weird and all, but that's how it's ALWAYS BEEN. So deal. p; Ahem .. >.> so I'm random, I guess, if you want to say that... I'm quiet.. When you first get to meet me.. especially if I don't know what to say.. I'll just be like, "Mk, lmfao." And I'll make faces, and do childish s**t. But if I start to feel comfortable around you, then I'll start..xD
Ahhaah. No.. ANYWAY, sometimes I just start talking to myself. Like, you will say, "Catt? Yo, Catt?" and I'll be like... o.o Okkizzo, I think I'm going a liddo overboard, but. I don't wanna scare you or anything.. I mean, I'm just saying..ahha p; Mk anyway, I'm single.. I guess? I mean, this is online, but hey! If you feel like you don't wanna share me.. That's cool.. I can be "taken" if you want me to.. If I'm down for you, then Okkizzo! ANY-way, I don't curse a lot, I mean, I do, but like I said before, I have to feel comfy.. ahhaa.
So this is getting pretty long.. I came outta my mommy's belly on February THIRD, not second.. not fourth.. I'm easy to talk to. Need a therapist? I'm here, baby. Hmu. I'm ADDICTED TO PLAYING ON MY PHONE. But I don't give out my numboo, so deal p; Anyhoo,This is getting too long. So. If you like me? Go to the left boo.. and HMU! Kaythanksbyee

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OMFG HES MINE >;O xDD lmaoo you keep the statue i have my booo....Anyways I love you! Like my HOOEEE O;< xD Hmm i dont wanna use your liddo box thingy so yeah I mean i dont wanna be rude.... D;< Like hmm I GO SO DAMN OVER BOARD WITH THE TALKIN'! >;O xDD hmm i love your outfits when i saw you in vh im like " DAMN whos that smexii a** beast?! (;" Lol nah jk im just showing my love for you ...Im like jelous of your outfits xD Mmmm and also i dont remember what day i met you but lets just say 9.7.11 So thats our anneversiry REMEMBER THAT DAY >;O Imma put that on my pro <3 You know you love me so quit hiding it <3333 xD Talk to me if im down your here and you can get my a** to smile no matter how hard i try not tooo I hate your powers! xD Nah i dont hate any thing about you...YOUR PERFECT SKANK xD (nah jk but you are perfect forget the S K A N K part) Ok so just know now that i aint sharing you so get that straight you hear me! >;I So no cheating..

- <333 Perla

This is Ashley, hacking the greatsest person or best buddie in the world.
If you don't know her, you're missing out. Really, get to know her!
I have had the most fun times with this girl. We sometimes just walk up to random people and go, "Hey, idiot."
Haha! Catt will goof with you for hours until she has to leave. She'll get a little crazy and start cursing her head off for fun.
Usually when she meets you, she quiet. But when she starts to curse around you, it means she likes you as a friend.
Boys, if you go behind her in vh and start flirting, if she goes "o;" it means she likes you, teehee!
She's really perverted, like for Halloween on Gaia, she was a stripper. O.O What's her prob? xD Kidding, I love ya. Catt is the sh*t.
She's so smart, loveable, and all the sweet and good items you can think of.
That includes sexy. xD (no homo) If she's single, that's a great opportinuty.
But don't break her heart - a lot of guys played her so she'll be sensitive. But if you do, I'll whoop your a**!! So don't mess with this gurly!





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