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TA-Regret Report | 05/31/2020 11:17 am
wow penny. you've gotten far.
Sparkn Splash Report | 01/09/2020 10:29 am
Sparkn Splash
Pretty nice. It's starting out a bit weird but things has been going well for me c:
...small anecdote, me and family drove 4h to a crab resto to celebrate new year...
only to find out they're out of crab rofl

How was yours? c:
Sparkn Splash Report | 01/09/2020 8:07 am
Sparkn Splash
Ehehe thanks penny~ o w o <3

Looking pretty cute there yourself u w u/ emotion_bigheart
ll Neo ll Report | 12/30/2019 11:05 am
ll Neo ll
Lolol do it v u v
ll Neo ll Report | 12/30/2019 10:23 am
ll Neo ll
It’s the madelyn light hair I guess with the M’s sketchbook hair clips to make it less voluminous lol
ll Neo ll Report | 12/27/2019 10:07 am
ll Neo ll
That’s good ^^
I don’t o: I’m usually on my phone so I don’t think it would support it
ll Neo ll Report | 12/27/2019 7:23 am
ll Neo ll
Lol nice!
I hope you had a good Christmas!
ll Neo ll Report | 12/23/2019 11:43 pm
ll Neo ll
Oh fun!
Your avatar is so cute! 💕
ll Neo ll Report | 12/22/2019 7:50 am
ll Neo ll
Welcome back!
Thank you~ v u v I tried haha
Ive been alright and you?
CincyRedsFan45130 Report | 09/13/2016 7:50 am
good morning.
how have you been?
iPenny xD