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just call meh panduh.
; I'm SINGLE[; .
Born on January 25th.
[; I'm short;;]. im not short, im funsized damn it.
younginn' fer sherr;;.
I hate being the same & having the same things as other people .
I'm pretty nice,when i wanna be.
I get easily jealous && I'm way too shy.
It takes me a while to get used to new people . I'm poor at first impressions .
I'm willing to fight for what i want & believe in . I'm a well dedicated person for certain things .
I'm not into girl-ish things at all. Don't believe things you hear , make sure you get your s**t straight before you try & do somethingg .
I have my own opinions & i'll always stand by them. You can tell me i'm concieted,but you can't tell me that i'm self-centered .
I'm pretty gullible! & , i think poorly of myself. i Text alot . I love the color PURPLEā™„ .
HelloKitty is my most favorite thing in the whole worldd.C: I'm a vegetarian ; VEGGY'S ARE BETTER ! (: i love my friends all equally but not all at the same time.
i love my family as well but not all at the same time either.
i have a verry diffult life & if you dont like it then ; i dont care deal with it.<333