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Mako and his brother first began competing in the pro-bending tournaments when a former pro-bender, Toza, discovered Mako fighting in the streets. Toza offered the brothers a place to live in the attic of the arena and let them work odd jobs to pay rent, which allowed them to focus on pro-bending. Mako eventually became the captain of their pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets.

Initially, Mako scarcely acknowledged Korra, mistaking her for another of Bolin's "fangirls". This caused the two of them to get off on the wrong foot; however, he impressed Korra when he single-handedly defeated the Tigerdillos in his pro-bending match. Still, he seemed indifferent to Korra even after he learned that she was the Avatar.

He did not agree to Korra taking the no-show, Hasook's spot on the team in the match prior to the tournament, saying he would rather be disqualified than made a fool of. However, after Korra held her own against a barrage in round three, allowing them to conquer their opponent the Platypus Bears, Mako accepted Korra, and later looked out towards her home on Air Temple Island.

Later, Mako learned that his brother Bolin had been captured by the Equalists. He and Korra set out to rescue him and encountered a group of chi blockers led by the mysterious and fearless Amon