My name is Tiffany,Lynn,Myers. I love summer time, as I get away from school, and to have fun a lot. I like to listen to alot of music. I like to sit back and chill with my friends, and go to partys. I'm a really easy person to talk to, and a really great listener. I like butterflies'. I have over 100 friends and 14 best friends. My favorite color is Black,Red,Green,Blue and Purple. I like to talk my friends, cooking, I like red roses', pink roses',I like to take a walk in the wood's and I like boy's and I like car's and I can do a lot if thing's and I got a Hi5 you can look me up on here and I got a neopets and facebook too. And I like jokes and i like poem a lot and sometime i have my up and down.And my b-day is july 13,1991 And i play Basketball with my friends And I love john deere.
oh i'am christian and catholic i'am both, facebook is new email is tiffany.myers72@yahoo.com not the old one and a myspace email is peacemaker1157@yahoo.com


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