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Avatar: The Legend of Korra Original Character

Name: Tsukushi

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Female

Pet: Cockatiel - Hawk named Puru.

Nation: Born in Ba Sing Se. Moved to Republic City five years ago.

Orientation: Pansexual. Gender doesn't matter when it comes to love. Romance is of little interest to her though.

Bender: No.

Occupation: Librarian and freelance inventor.

Combat Style: None. Tsukushi isn't really the 'fighting' type. If worst comes to worst though, she'd use her tools as weapons.

Interests: Books, history, motors, gears, oil, not being blown up by her own inventions, sweets, and baking from time to time. Inventing.

Fears: She has a strong dislike of water, but won't ever really admit it's a phobia. Tsukushi cannot swim, mostly due to having only one leg. She often stiffens up in the presence of large amounts of water.

Alliance: Currently none.

Odd Facts: Most of her inventions blow up in her face. She also has a prosthetic leg, and walks with a bit of a limp.

Family: Takeru [Father, 52], Makino [Mother, 45], Shinji [Elder Brother, 23], Hatsu [Twin Brother, 19]

Personality: Tsukushi is a bit of an oddball. She tends to be oblivious of most anything, unless it directly concerns her or her hobbies. She does have a deep love of books though, and in her spare time will read what she can. Normally, she's unaware of news unless she reads it somewhere. Radios never last long with her, as she's often tearing them apart to use for parts. Tsukushi is honest and forthright, unafraid to speak her mind if need be. While interacting with others isn't exactly high on her list of priorities, every now and then she'll venture forth to try and make a new friend, albeit unsuccessfully. Many tend to be put off by the fact that she usually smells of old books or motor oil.

Tsukushi's passion in life is inventing, and her greatest role model was once Sato, inventor of the Sato Mobile [his moral choices aren't what upset the young inventor, but rather the fact that he was responsible for inventing something designed to harm others]. While she hopes to one day break into the big time and create the next big invention, she's more about the purity of inventing, experimenting, and fiddling. Much like her father, she adores tinkering and trying to make things better, or make something to help people's lives go easier.

Surprisingly creative and resourceful, Tsukushi keeps a stash of various tools hidden away in a few compartments of her prosthetic leg. The tools themselves are spaced throughout the limb, as putting them all in one place would severely reduce the functionality of the device. Tsukushi enjoys a challenge, and has a deep desire to go on a great adventure before she dies. Inspired by her favorite novels, she seeks to travel around on her own the world one day, via airship. [Preferably one she built herself.]

History: Tsukishi takes after her father, a non-bender, and is the only child in the family to do so. Her elder and twin brothers are both Earthbenders, and often enjoy listening to probending matches in their hometown. Tsukushi developed a love of inventing at a young age, and often would run experiments with her father. He worked as a professor at Ba Sing Se university.

At the age of eight, she was involved in an accident. A cart had gotten lose from a passing caravan, and threatened to run over her twin brother. Without batting an eye, Tsukushi flung herself at her brother, knocking him out of the way. She survived herself, but her shinbone was shattered, the muscles torn to shreds in her left leg. The limb was amputated, and Tsukushi was confined to a wheelchair.

She and her father worked hard to develop an artificial limb that she could wear, while her brother Shinji, stricken with guilt, became intensely protective of his little sister. He'd hardly let her go anywhere without him, and while Tsukushi enjoyed spending time with him, she was worried that the guilt would eventually destroy him. A year later, she and her father finished the prosthetic limb, and Tsukushi began the hard task of training her body to use it. Over the past few years, she has been modifying the limb herself to make it more comfortable as well as more versatile.

Following her desire for knowledge, Tsukushi left Ba Sing Se at the age of fourteen to move in with her aunt in Republic City. She lives in an apartment above one of the large libraries, and works there part-time in order to cover for her room and board. Her true passion might be inventing, but she has developed a great appreciation for the written word. Tsukushi hopes to one day write a novel herself.

[Huur... More to be added when I'm not feeling lazy.]

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Looney the Clown Report | 06/29/2012 7:45 am
Looney the Clown
Ma'am! - Burst through her door dramatically and puts his hands on his hips. - "As the Heroic Lee, enters the castle of the Damsiel in distress. He approaches the counter and..." - he said outloud to himself as if he was a narrator of his own storyline. - I am here to borrow books! Books on 'How to build traps for dummies.' and I will promise that I will not use these traps against the Avatar, but for my heroic duties!
Potato GirI Report | 05/28/2012 2:52 pm
Potato GirI
- He smiles as he looked at her, when she asked him he's never been at the city and nodded and said - Never! At all, it's amazing here! Buildings are so big! - feeling ever so happy to see such a beautiful and different place. Then she offered him a place to stay and not to mention meals just for stocking up books. - You'll really allow me a place to stay and meals?! - His smile was wider than ever, he hugged her tightly out of happiness and then blinked a couple of times as she told he needed to find a shirt. - I don't need a shirt, wearing one is so hot! - he said even though right now there are cold winds blowing. - Also! I don't see why not wearing a shirt would make people sad. - He chuckled, thinking of how a person could get sad over a shirtless man. Quickly changing the subject he obviously didn't like wearing a shirt since he was so use to not wearing one, he leaned towards her looking at her chest examining it, he has never seen one nor felt one. - So those round things on your chest! Are called breast?! They're soft when I hugged you! What are they made off? Is it jelly?! If so is it yummy?! - he poked them, curiously without thinking about the girl's privacy. -
Potato GirI Report | 05/23/2012 8:18 pm
Potato GirI
- he thought to himself "better than what's going on at the temple..." he felt as if a sudden weight was pushed onto his eart thinking about what could happen this adoptive father, he frowned a little the looked at the girl when she was talking about some colleUge. He nodded as if he was listening to every word she said and put on a big smile - Okay let's go to this 'college' place! I hope its delicious as it sounds! - thinking to himself that college is some type of restaurant or some type of food feeling quite thrilled about it, gist stomach started rumbling just by thinking of wha different kinds of food could be instored for him at this 'college' place.-
Potato GirI Report | 05/23/2012 3:31 pm
Potato GirI
- He was looking around curious of how different it was compared to his old temple, he saw all these unique food and was just dazzled from so much new things thrown in front of his face ever since he got off fresh from the boat. He then noticed a voice asking him if he's new, he then turned to see if the voice was actually directed at him, he looked and saw a woman looking at him, he blushed and thought to himself "Is this one of those instant girlfriend love story encounters I've heard so much about!?" he stood up straight as if he was saluting. - I-I-I-I-- Yes I am new! But I don't know what way to go to find! - he laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. -
BoIin Report | 05/09/2012 12:47 pm
Woooow... *Eyes sparkle as she talks of her dream to help others through her inventions.* It sounds like you're going to be an amazing person one day! And... hey! I know the Avatar! I think everyone expecting her to do something amazing must be a lot of pressure though... I'm sure she'll be just as awesome as the last Avatar though, you really have to meet her, she's this-... Eh? *Watches her move to the road, fascinated by the whizzing ticking sounds of her leg* Hey! You found it? That's great! *Stands up and patpats at his trousers* I told you you'd have good luck!!
BoIin Report | 05/09/2012 8:55 am
Aah man... It must be amazing to be able to create things with your own two hands though! Especially little delicate things, that always amazes me... *Smiles brightly as she examines his find, pocketing it carefully once it is back in his posession*

Maybe! You're lucky twice over, because I'm a bit of a good luck charm myself. Good things tend to happen around me~ *Not quite true, he had a tendency to attract a lot of trouble also, but in his mind those events were never directly linked to his person*

Haaa... where are metalbenders when you need them? *Places his hands onto the ground, trying to focus on the soil. But not having had the good fortune of studying at the metalbending academy, Bolin was not capable of feeling out the differences of minerals and compositions in the ground like an expert would.*
HNNNGH!! >:T ... Hnnnnnnn~ *But it was always worth a shot*

Are you sure you lost it around here?

BoIin Report | 05/06/2012 7:06 am
Building process? Are you some kind of technician? *Raises a brow, never really having met a girl with such a field of interest before*

Oh my God!! *Plucks something off the ground* It's a lucky pebble shaped like the head of a winged lemur!! How awesome is that?! *Displays the tiny rock, which doesn't particularly resemble a winged lemur at all*

[[ *sobs and runs like a girl* ]]
BoIin Report | 05/04/2012 8:33 am
*A tiny bit disappointed that her expression did not turn to that of admiration at recognition of a pro-bending master. In fact, it didn't seem like she recognized who he was at all, hurling him back into a sense of reality and the bitter fact that he was, in fact, no master yet.*
Alright, got it!... Copper acorn nut, thirteen milimeters... slightly rusted... *Tries to ignore the sounds coming from her leg, crouching on the floor beside her to patpat at the ground for the lost item.*
So uhm... ... You lose stuff here often?

[[ Waaah creepyyyy ;; u ;; ]]
BoIin Report | 05/02/2012 1:39 pm
*Bolin took pride in his ability to detect a maiden in distress. And just such a maiden happened to be crawling around on the pavement not far from where he stood. It was show time.*

Well... hello there Miss, have you lost something? *Whoa! What was up with her leg? Was it making sounds? Don't stare, don't stare... whatever you do don't stare... *
Like a locket or money or... a key... ... *Can't help it, his eyes seem to be drawn to the origin of the mysterious sounds*

[[ Ooh, were you the Amon who made the OC creation thread? o: ]]
Rinjie Report | 05/01/2012 11:49 pm
(( Then there's only one option... ... ... ... ...MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT~ ))



In Regards to OC's

I like them. I don't mind them in the least, so long as they're well-written and not sues. Tsukushi is not a sue. I'm well aware there are people out there who are dead-set against OC's in a canon universe. That's fine by me. You don't need to friend this account if you don't want to. I have Amon and Korra for the friending if you're only interested in canon characters.

Also: One is not confined by one's gender as far as roleplaying goes. I play as both male and female characters.

To summarize... before you outright reject something, try to understand it first.