This is me like it or not.

This is my profile. I can be a boring person.....but I am fun at times too. I have quite a few friends, as you can probably see. I am me. That's all there is to it. I love rock music, especially Christian Rock, which I have been listening to a lot lately. Also how I got my name is I combined my favorite anime character "Inuyasha" and my favorite Ragnork manga character "Chaos" and the "Bringer" part was the only way I thought of combing them.

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Welcome to the store of Inuyasha_Chaos_Bringer.
Please refrain from loitering.
In other words. Buy something or leave. lol.
Please buy my stuff.
I would like to sell this stuff off soon.
If you can not afford my price pm me and I will work something out with you.
If you do not have a pure gold offer on something in my store just pm me and I will try to work something out with you.
The only condition on pm'ing me non-pure offers is that it better be the a good offer, that is the items included had better be close to the price I am offering.
I sell items based on the lowest buy price at the time of selling. NOT THE AVERAGE BUY PRICE!
If you don't like my methods then leave.

~The Management of this store~


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Location: The Seventh Circle of Hell

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angelic snow angel Report | 06/14/2018 10:03 am
Hello and welcome to the Awesome Mature Gaian Guild. I am glad you have joined us. I am the captain.
If you have any questions me or any of the crew are happy to help.
I hope to see you around the guild.
Kitsuga Report | 01/01/2016 8:28 pm
Noob! blaugh
BlackWolf2247 Report | 03/14/2012 6:45 pm
If you like to rp, join my guild ^^ i promise it will get more members xD
Kitsuga Report | 02/14/2012 7:40 am
I saw you online =3
Twilight_Lady_Luna Report | 12/28/2011 10:41 pm
Thank you for your purchase
Little Amiee Report | 08/21/2011 10:39 pm
I've been trying to work. D: Just can't find anything here though. I've like applied everywhere.
Little Amiee Report | 08/21/2011 9:16 pm
That's good! :3
Little Amiee Report | 08/21/2011 9:02 pm
Hey, there! How you doing? smile
Roisu Report | 07/07/2011 3:25 am
Hey, hope your summer is super awesome. (You probably think it's less awesome now that I'm bugging you, don't you? Sorry!)
Little Amiee Report | 05/24/2011 1:51 pm
Just wanted to thank you for the friend request. smile
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