Long and Paced Quest

Currently questing all rare masks! blaugh
Big Mouth Bass'terd: 0/10
Mutha Guppa: 0/10
Candy Striper: 0/10

Buckin' Bino: 0/10
Tootin' Tino: 0/10
Chargin' Chino: 0/10

Diamondback Lion: 1/10
Emeraldback Lion: 10/10
Rubyback Lion: 1/10

Diamond Quest~

11/19/14- Earned 1st Diamond.

Emmy Quest

3/28/12- Made 3rd Emmy.
5/23/12- Made 4th Emmy.
8/24/12- Bought 5th Emmy.
7/17/14- Made 6th Emmy.
11/19/14- Earned 7th Emmy.
2/4/15- Made 8th Emmy.
9/6/17- Made 9th Emmy.
9/7/17- Mradu gifted 10th Emmy.

Ruby Quest~

11/19/14- Earned 1st Ruby.

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Maiiiiii I can't comment back!!! crying
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yum_sausage I MISS YOU OK :< ALSO U ARE QT emotion_bigheart
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[Jaye] Report | 09/13/2017 12:13 am
heart Hi booboo~ heart
Vesi Meres Report | 04/14/2017 8:34 pm
Vesi Meres
Heya Heya ninja
Zubatt Report | 03/26/2017 11:02 am
Happy birthday, Sammy-icky! heart dramallama heart
Raining Miroku Report | 02/21/2017 6:19 pm
Raining Miroku
Thanks Sammy <3333

emotion_hug heart
Caius Aurelianus Report | 09/01/2016 7:28 am
Caius Aurelianus
How have you been? I miss you heart
Caius Aurelianus Report | 08/29/2016 9:41 pm
Caius Aurelianus

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I'm hurting too much right now... I really miss my friend that "I used to fish with, I used to chat with, I used to get along with, I used to love."

Since day 1 I've been a wreck. But with the help of all my friends {including Gaia friends}, I've become stronger. I move 1 step forward, slowly but surely. R.I.P. Mommy. {9/16/1959-10/11/2009} I love you with all my heart.

Name: Sammy
Birthday: March 26
Location: TX

I don't really mind what your sexual orientation is. It doesn't bother me. As long as you're happy with the person you're with, then it's all good. ^-^
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User Image

heart ~*Tony (SecretlySorry) 2k && Black Orchid Brooch*~
heart ~*Leo (Alien Moo) 2k*~
heart ~*Trevar (Obscure Lice) Ribbon Luv Sleeves Violet, Moga Huey, && Catastrophe 2nd Gen*~
heart ~*Prissy (Loyal Hachiko) Ribbon Luv Sleeves, Bloody Mary Mistress Dress, 4k, && Quail plushie*~
heart ~*Tjix donated 2k*~
heart ~*X_FlyMamicita_X gifted MoMo the Monkey*~
heart ~*Kenneth (Zubatt) MoMo the Monkey && 100 A Bait*~
heart ~*Becca (unknownprincess) 100 Grade A Bait*~
heart ~*Enrique {iKike} 143 Black Rocque Biters, 267 White Pebbo Feeders, 288 Brown Pebbo Feeders, 369 Black Pebbo Feeders, 77 Pyrite Biters, && 54 Bluestone Biters. *~
heart ~*Chris {DreadfulBoy} 1 Slate Boldur, 1 Sand Boldur, 2 Stone Boldurs, Baby Blue Towel, && 50 Black Rocque Biters*~
heart ~*Darin {Slim Satan} Kodiac Grizzly Bear Slippers, 13 Sand Boldurs, Love Drunk, Buckteeth, 100 A Baits, 499 F Baits, Performance Rod Plus, Kiki, 2 Stone Boldurs, Underland, && Bunny Flop{B-day Gift}*~
heart ~*Anon gifted Buckteeth*~
heart ~*Anon gifted Pink Carnation-Black Bouquet With Gold Ribbon*~
heart ~*Anon gifted 4 Leaf Clover Pin*~
heart ~*Kydden gifted Polar Bear Paraplush && donated 7 Stone Boldurs*~
heart ~*July {DNMA} 11 Driftwood, 1 Slate Boldur && 8 Green Stripers*~
heart ~*Jaye gifted Mister Giraffiday && Yellow Puppy Fleece Hat for my birthday*~
heart ~*Tyler {SaRcaZdic King} 6 Pyrite Biters, 15 Bluestone Biters, && 6218 Black Rocque Biters*~
heart ~* Angelo {The Dardy Sing} 18 Blue Stripers, 19 Gray Stripers, 28 Green Stripers, 2 Icy Tunas, 3 Spicy Tunas, 4 Dicy Tunas, 38 Sand Boldurs, 17 Slate Boldurs, 17 Stone Boldurs, 59 Brown Bass, 59 Blue Bass, 62 Green Bass, 133 Orange Guppies, 171 Red Guppies, 399 Yellow Guppies, 22 By-An-Inch, 30 Ten-Second, 37 By-A-Mile, 33 Pink Seedkins, 35 Blue Seedkins, 40 Green Seedkins, 98 Brown Pebbos, 112 White Pebbos, 118 Black Pebbos, && Coco*~
heart ~*Dudu {Mradu} Angelic Gloves, Chanho The Tiger Plushie, King Tootie-Kamen The Chihuahua, && 89 Stone Boldurs*~
heart ~*Teya {Teyadeth} Prism Butterfly Mantilla && Panda Plushie{B-day Gift}*~
heart ~*~Lovers Lost~ gifted Pora Ice 2nd Gen{B-day Gift}*~
heart ~*Shirlox donated 8 Stones && 5 Black Roques{B-day Gift}*~
heart ~*rainbowlady1 donated 10 A Baits*~
heart ~*Candii Nomii donated 12 Stone Boldurs, 1 Sand Boldur, && 3 Slate Boldurs*~
heart ~*Fayza502 donated 3Mil*~
heart ~*Zack 8D donated 10 Stone Boldurs*~
heart ~*EnigmaticDolly gifted Angelic Crystalline Frost Halo*~

Trophy Vault~

Durem Bronze August 2009~

Durem Bronze April 2010~

Durem Bronze June 2010~

Junk Bronze June 2010~

4/17/12- Hit 75k fish caught.
4/22/12- Received AR.

Durem Bronze May 2012~

Durem Gold July 2014~

Junk Bronze July 2014~

2nd Annual Pro-Fishing Gold July 2014~

Durem Bronze February 2015~

5/7/16- Hit 150k fish caught.
5/8/16- Received AR+.

Durem Silver May 2016~

Junk Bronze May 2016~

Gambino Silver August 2016~

Durem Silver August 2017~

Junk Bronze August 2017~

Durem Silver September 2017~

Junk Bronze September 2017~

Inu currently IS competing~
The Dardy Sing
ll Shuyin ll
II Slim Satan II
Raining Miroku
Caius Aurelianus
Chief Bael
Nico Suavae
blind bondage
I Am A Gender Bender
Vesi Meres
my stalker
Dixon Cider
Dilemma Watson
Sanada Akihiko

Ky and Jaye always stalk this heart..stalkers >.>

I love her so much!