Ish teh Inu~

• born on 12.10.92
• has a split-personality
• female
• anime artist
• loves her iPod
• loves to watch anime/read manga
• loves playing video games(fighting/RPG games especially)
• listens to j-pop & english music
• hates school
• thinks 98% of the student body at school are idiots
• loves sweets
• likes making OCs for different anime/manga
• gets bored easily


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Chibi faery Report | 12/09/2008 7:38 am
Happy almost birthday, homeslice. ;D
kaiitlin Report | 07/09/2007 2:57 pm
8D Yeah well I'm under your bed watching you force that Roxas plushie to play DDR.
Arin FireSin Report | 05/30/2007 1:27 pm
Oh you have such a simple profile. How cute. + it has Mar. Awsome.
clock towerr Report | 03/30/2007 6:42 pm
*glomps inu-chan back* ILU INU. :3
Haha, and I love your trainer card, so awesome. xD;
akfjwlekjhfw Report | 02/18/2007 12:57 pm
Hey Inu how did you get a second person with your avi?
Pretty ~ Babe Report | 02/05/2007 11:04 am
cute profile and avi!!!
luachan Report | 02/02/2007 3:55 am
randon coment
II Dolly Injection II Report | 01/14/2007 3:16 pm
Cute profile-
Hellow to you too!
clock towerr Report | 01/13/2007 3:29 pm
O. M. G. o __o;;; I love your profile to death. ;A; It's and fluffy, and cute. Dx I like it a lot if it's reduced me to using chatspeak. 83
Basketcase2008 Report | 01/03/2007 8:41 am


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