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iSakata Gin Report | 04/26/2008 3:46 pm
iSakata Gin
jessicabd7e1980 Report | 01/19/2008 8:13 am
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HavanaTree Report | 12/21/2007 4:00 pm
Oh... I'm sorry about the wedding. I'm still in for Canada and England now so don't forget.
HavanaTree Report | 12/15/2007 7:56 pm
I'm getting Canada and England(minus the parts you want) and I'm thinking about Texas too. Is that ok?

Also, can I go to your wedding? Please?:3
OnceUponThatTime Report | 12/15/2007 6:45 pm
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!Like Hi!How was like your day?!I hope it was like um fabulous!Ooo!O M G nice outfit! Not.. Well really nice outfit.
OnceUponThatTime Report | 12/11/2007 3:24 pm
Of course I will! Wow..All White..And a dress...Oppisite of what I usually wear >.>
HavanaTree Report | 12/09/2007 1:48 pm
Ireally wanted Canada... Fine. You get what you want of Canada, but I get England too. That's fair to me.
OnceUponThatTime Report | 11/27/2007 4:05 pm
Tendou_SoujiX Report | 11/27/2007 1:03 pm
so butty how are we going to rule this world and i want my home town japan and queen new york
HavanaTree Report | 11/24/2007 3:01 pm
I have decided! I want Canada. Nothing more, nothing less. Canadians are cool! I'm not one on note...


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Last Login: 07/15/2008 12:08 pm

Registered: 04/28/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Candy Land!

Occupation: Blowing up random objects in my secret lab


About Me:
I'm just a regular girl who enjoy the normal things in life.Things such as playing with my trained attck pigeon who dive bombs anything that moves twisted , plotting ways to take over the world (or at least the local tv station so that it shows anime 24/7 twisted )blowing up stuff in my secret lab that my parents know nothing about twisted , Play fetch with my pet t-rex Rover, (who I share with Sam) using brittany Spears music store standees as the stick( twisted I'm having a hard time getting the real thing) and my all-time favorite pastime (this one never gets old) rewiring my house so when you try to make toast you turn off the light, when you turn on the oven you open the garage door etc. twisted


Just joking. So, for those of you who want me to rewire Orochimaru's house so that he Blows somthing up (mainly himself twisted ) everytime he tries to make toast. (I'm trying to learn how though,so I started using Britanny Spears groupies and fans as test subjects twisted ) And for those of you who want to buy my attack pigeon.......I don't have one. (I want one though. I mean I really,really want one twisted )
My real favorite things to do are reading manga, watching anime, reading about dinosaurs and fossils and reading any mythology books I can get my hands on! Ever since I was in kindergaten and the teacher taught my class about dinosaurs I was hooked. After that, every visit to the school library ment I was going to get a book on dinosaurs. That was until I found out about Mythology. I would read endlesly about those two subjects. Now I can proudly say I am an dinosaur/mythology/anime/manga otaku.

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't put up with crap like someone messing with my friends, anyone hitting on me when they know I'm not interested, people who think they're better that me or anybody else because they have the latest clothes,i-pods, shoes,etc. It's stupid to judge sombody on what they wear!
If you try to add me when I haven't talked to you ( if you see my posts on the forums or find my profile wtihout knowing me first) I will probably reject your friend request, for the simple reason that I won't add you unless I've talked to you so that I can be sure you are the kind of user that I will like and you won't try to claim Edward Elric. HE'S MINE! If you are the kind of user that hits on random people, askes for items/cyber/gold then I will never talk to you. I do ot like to see mature content in my pms, and I'm not interested in it.

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