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Under all this stuff.. Dokucho is naked

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Its the about Dokucho thing

Oh.. Hallo 0- 0 Welcome to the.. Uh.. Profile thing...

Guess.. We'll just.. uh.. Start.. Yea!

Name's Dokucho, member of the Inu's! I almost always talk in the 3rd person, with a few exceptions, one being when I have to write about me's (Such as this one.)

I was born on June 16th, in good ole '93. You can do the math, if you'd like.
Despite my age, however, I'm very immature.. Very.. Like... Serious is an antonym for Dokucho. I keep everything light hearted, and worry free, even if it is actually something one should worry about, I just can't help it. I'm literally a beacon of sunshine and happiness. When there's no reason to smile, you can bet your a** I'll still be showing off a toothy grin.

I'm also a big fan of playing games! Anything from Cool Shooters, to Adventure games, some RPGs, FUN racing games (Like Mario and s**t, not Forza or whatever. ) And MMO's, though I always default back to my favorite, WoW!

I'm Also a Waffle Fanatic, literally my favorite food! Mmn... delicious Waffurus...

Dogs > Cats.. not much to say here. They're just vastly superior.


The Dog

User Image
Full name: Susanoo Dokucho
Titles: Samurai, Seito, Daimyo-in-Training
Race: Hanyo (Half-Hell Hound/Dog Demon)
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly 200 years, Though she still has the demeanor of a puppy.
Height: Approximately 5'7"
Weight: Heavy, due to increased mass in her bones.
Birthplace: Small island off the coast of Japan's northern borders.

Physical Description

At first glance, Dokucho doesn't give off an imposing presence. Being just over 5 feet, leaves her just under the average height for a female, and far below that of your average demon. Her skin tone would be naturally Tanned, and would be consistent throughout her body.

Her hair is a very light blonde, with a few bangs running down her face. Most of her hair is tied into a braid, which she lets run down her shoulder. She lets a few curly strands stay free from any bindings. Sticking up from her hair would be two, pointed ears, covered in fur of similar color to her hair. Whenever someone speaks, they could be seen twitching and turning in their direction.

Her eyes would be further down, each one a Light Almost-grey-Blue. They flutter from time to time as she looks around with a deep curiosity. Her nose would be small, and button-like, occasionally seen twitching as she sniffed around. Her lips would be soft, pink, and plush, looking very kissable. (Don't do it, She will bite you.) Her mouth always seemed to be in a smile, allowing any to see her canines from within her mouth. She'd have a small, feminine chin, and a thin neck further down.

Her shoulders were small, a narrow, leading down to thin arms, and fingers. Each finger was tipped with a small claw, which she used to defend herself if need be. Despite being small, her body was hidden with lean muscles, and matched up with her inhuman strength lead her to being quite powerful. One of her most notable features would of course, be her breasts. Each one a handful, but by no means were overly large or impressive. She was thankful for their size, as it meant they were less bothersome when she moved around.

Her rear was of a moderate size and firm, and just above that was her tail. It wagged at nearly all times, and even more so when she was excited by something.

On her back, running along her spine were various Kanji tattooed onto her. They were a Dull golden color, but if someone ran their fingers along the various symbols, they would let off a golden glow until their hand moved away.

Her waist was thin, giving her the beginning of an hourglass shape, and her hips smoothly jutted out, finishing the hourglass silhouette, and adding to her curves. She had a regular enough navel located on her incredibly smooth stomach. Her thighs were thicker than most of her other limbs, though not by much. They seemed to have a strength about then, as did the rest of her legs, but weren't impressive by any means. They led down to her feet, which were small, and each toe tipped by similar nails as her fingers.

Her clothing was usually very simple robes and sashes, of various colors. Underneath the robed parts of her body, such as her arms, hands, feet, and even breasts were bound by bandages. Very rarely will she don armor, and even when she does most of the time its for ceremony, or celebration.

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Inu Asura Report | 11/27/2018 5:24 pm
Inu Asura
That's grade A stuff right there.
Inu Asura Report | 11/23/2018 8:19 pm
Inu Asura
Inu Asura Report | 11/05/2018 5:49 pm
Inu Asura
Everything is a circle, whether it's pleasant or not.

Besides, I'm just saying it'll be easier for me to go without.
Inu Asura Report | 11/05/2018 4:52 pm
Inu Asura
Yeah not talking to my best friend is a pain in the a**.

But at least I'm used to not doing calls again, so I can go back to not doing that. = u =
Inu Asura Report | 11/01/2018 10:15 pm
Inu Asura
-Fist on hip.- What, did I forget something?
Haruto Kaito Report | 06/16/2018 9:44 am
Haruto Kaito
Happy Birthday Dokucho
Inu Kimura Report | 04/30/2018 6:17 pm
Inu Kimura
-makes it rain assorted waffle flavors- Hey Dokucho.
Chimerical Calamity Report | 12/17/2017 12:01 am
Chimerical Calamity
Cufu Report | 12/03/2017 11:37 pm
~Barks loudly in the destine~
Inu Asura Report | 10/21/2017 9:21 am
Inu Asura
Seito I'm flattered you went this far as to spit bars, they hit hard.

You the only blonde I like more than the one chillin' at Brinstar.

From here to Caninde, n' from now to next Wednesday.

Sensei wants to see more of this kensei, so when, babe? ;U

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Ayo~! if Dokucho is AFK in towns Jus' PM Dokucho!

"Long ago in the northernmost parts of Japan a mountain slumbered peacefully in the summer sun.

One day, one of Susanoo's wilder storms escaped him and with cacophony tore through the edges of the island until the massive storm reached this massive, towering mountain who stood in his path.

"Move, or I will move you," howled the wind fiercely, with an urgency to continue on his path of chaos.

The mountain rose from his slumber and curiously watched the storm with all the serenity of a wise old monk. What ferocity did this tempest bring with him, it was a spectacle that the studious old monolith would appreciate observing, though he responded with nothing.

"Are you deaf? Or foolish? I have just told you: Move, or I will move you," the tempest wailed, louder and more aggressively, and lost his temper as he crashed into the mountain with all of his being, bending his trees this way and that, causing his inhabitants to take shelter.

But the mountain did not move.

Try as the powerful and angry storm might, his ferocity was in vain, as the wind howled and heaved it felt its strength disappear, its clouds having roiled around the mountain and thrown this way and that. It wailed out once more and dissipated into the mountain as the mountain shook his head and took to sleep once more.

. . .

Centuries later a yokai, the remains of an ancient summer storm now roaming these lands an oni of the kamaitachi nature [that took the form of a dust devil that would slash at passers by with razor-like winds and suck out their blood with the air pressure]. Swirling about in a violent spiraling funnel, one day the yokai would come across a yokai of the mountains, a dog-girl.

Upon seeing this dust devil, the dog girl would understand the phenomenon's nature and remove a kanabo from her back to weild in front of her.

Cackling, the yokai loomed in close and towered its winds over her.

"You see my true nature, yet you do not flee! I will reward you with a warning! Move from my path and suffer no harm!"

The dog-girl only canted her head to the side, a curious look in her blue eyes. The same curious look of an ancient mountain the yokai knew too well! Had this mountain yokai had come from the same region as his enemy? Enraged beyond reason, the yokai let loose a blood curdling howl and delivered itself to the faithless fool standing before him with intent to shred her to nothing.

But the girl opened her kanabo to a beautiful folding fan, swirling it above her in a graceful circle like the dazzling wings of a butterfly. It was the last thing the summer storm saw before he was sealed inside the fan to slumber for eternity!

Should one learn from this foolish storm is that if one does not learn from the consequences and misery of one's foolishness, the second time around will come forth with a much crueller lesson." -Sensei to Seito