- Cristine/ Llama/ Derpy/ Crissy
- Hopelessly in Love
- Female
- California
-A Typical Teen

♥My Hobbies include Drawing, Painting, Reading, Playing VideoGames, Watching Anime, Playing with Kids, Playing Sports, Swimming, and just being
lazy is awesome!

♥I love to spend time with people and getting a kick out of life. I'm a really helpful person so I love helping people ,but I'm really honest so
some of my words may be harsh.

♥My Favorite Types of Music is Dubstep ( love it to death ), Trap , Rock, R&B, Rap, Techno, Pop, Japanese, and Nightstep/core.

♥I'm a very friendly, Dorky, Outgoing person who loves to be social so don't be afraid to talk with me, but only if you have the same attitude towards me as well.

♥Most of the you will find me weird and unbelievable, reason why is because I have a CRAZY imagination and my jokes are not for children. *WARNING: JOKES ARE EXPLICIT* >♥<

♥The thing is I'm a REALLY REALLY big nerd who loves Comic Books, Lord of the Rings , Starwars , A Gaint Disney fan( but who isn't ) , Vidoegames ,and just a straight up Otaku. So if you wanna judge you can get out now.

♥I love all of my friends, the people in gaia and out , and if you ever disrespect or hurt them you will be added on my black list.

♥I dislike people who judge others, people with negative attitudes ( really hard to light up the sky with them around ) , I dislike people who use others for their own gain.

♫(P.s if you want to know more about me Pm and I'll share with you more)♫

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