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Welcome to my store!

I'll be selling random stuff don't pm me to ask for a cheaper price. If you want to trade an item for my items send a pm.

That is about it...



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Hello, I'm Instien. I've been on Gaia for a while saw friends come and go. For now though i'm off and on so if you see me around and want to chat send a pm, or quote me in the forums. I'm always up for talking. I currently have a full-time job and live in the US, so my life tends to get busy. Please don't ask for any donations.


I love fishing, playing word bump, and stalking the aquarium forum.
I'm also questing for 1g from people, so if you see this drop me a trade <3

Oh, I'm also on a quest. Collecting 1g for everyone!

My 1g Shout Outs
-Orangite & a Reindeer Collar

Have a nice day/night!


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Alirio Cervantes Report | 06/07/2014 7:01 pm
Thank you for purchasing an item from my store in the MP.

Have a good day/evening.
DarkSoullessMoonlightX Report | 05/17/2014 7:27 am
Thank you for purchasing~
Sin-Of-A-Saint Report | 09/28/2013 12:18 pm
Thanks for buying
Kripto Report | 05/07/2012 7:48 am
Achy Shopkeeper Report | 12/04/2011 2:58 am
Allo~ Long time no talk ^^
You still frequent this site or have you left as well?
A Bunch Of Cats Report | 07/15/2011 5:10 pm
Hai hun
Kripto Report | 06/21/2011 2:29 pm
Achy Shopkeeper Report | 02/10/2011 12:47 am
Yeah, we've got an appointment today to check her progress. Maybe hear the results of the test too.
Hehe, it took a long time for my bf to take things seriously though. I know him like 8 years. We've not been together in a relationship for all of those years but we were for many hehe
Some great guy will be out there for you. You haven't had time to go dating or just not really searching for someone?
-nudges- You have been on dates right? wink
Going back to a small town is never good imo. My mum lives in a small town near the city I live in. Imagining me going back is just...No xD Maybe when I'm like....60 lol
But I rather like living in a city where you aren't bored in the weekends, because there's nothing interesting to do.
Moving to another country would be awesome. Come here to the Netherlands. We have lots to offer when it comes to Masters degrees (education) and we have a lot of exchange students around 3nodding
Achy Shopkeeper Report | 02/09/2011 12:25 am
I'm pretty good now. Thanks for asking :3

I've been taking care of my mom and 'baby sister' lately. My mom had a big operation done. They cut out a piece of her lower intestines and sent a sample to some research facility to look for malign cancer. We're hoping it won't be malign, because her condition is hereditary (sp?). The period preceding the op was quite stressful. Mum has diabetes, hep B, lost weight (8kg) while she was only 48kg and then there's also some sort of growth in her liver too.
So I've been at her home and not working, but I'm looking out for an interesting job. My boyfriend finally decided to be more serious in our relationship and moved in with me. He has a job as a detective/digitalization specialist with the coppa's xD
So all in all everything is going quite good x3

Moving is always exciting. 3nodding
Are you interested in moving all the way across country or do you want to stay close to family and friends?

Achy Shopkeeper Report | 02/08/2011 2:19 am
Heya, Instien! How have you been? It's been a while since we last talked x3


Questing, 1g from you + OMG hat <3