Really don't have much to say haha xD
I'm pretty chill and laid back
I'm a pretty random person
And here are some random facts:

I do indeed enjoy these things:

- Video Games (Oh mah word yes!!)
- Writin' stories n' stuff
- Red Pandas ( > w < )
- Watching funny haha videos
- Painting
- Hangin' with my friends
- Listening to music (except for country and rap Dx)
- Sweets- pretty much any kind lol xD
- Watching anime :3
- Aaaaaaaaaaaand a buncha other stuff that I'll prolly add later lolol

Things I do not enjoy:

- Bugs (eeewwww- some serious grossness!!)
- Mean and or creepy people ( O __ o )
- Spam- both the edible and non edible kinds xD
- Homework/ Projects/ Papers
- Aaaaaaaand other stuff to add later hehe xD