Alright, first things first. I'm not very active on Gaia.
At the most I'm on twice a week for about thirty minutes at a time, so don't
come to expect quick responses if you send me messages/comments on here.
That being said, I do have AIM, MSN, Skype, and Facebook which I am on
every day, and they are a much more sure way of reaching me. PM me for them.

About me? I'm a twenty year old hopeless romantic trapped in the body of a rugged athlete, a poet in the body of a fighter, whose passions do not lie in the things he's most skilled at. In the right hands I fall fast, in the wrong hands I fall faster. A stare can paralyze me, a kiss can make me higher than any drug. Innocence is magnetic. Cute > Hot. Adorable > Sexy.

I train in mixed martial arts, striking kickboxing and grappling brazilian jujitsu, fusing small elements of Capoeira and wrestling. I play basketball, soccer, and tennis, none of which I enjoy as much as MMA. I'm a fast driver and I break a lot of road laws, but I turn into an elderly person to protect people I love when they're in the passenger seat. I'm spontaneous but I know my bounds. I have many fears that you'll probably never witness because they're situation-specific. Music will be my love until I find a woman to live for. I enjoy any type of art that arises from the heart of the artist, no matter how simple, no matter how low the artist finds its value in comparison to the great world of art. Nothing that comes from the heart can be devalued.

Tattoos Done/Planning to Get

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Guardian Angel/Phoenix Tattoo Across Back(incomplete): Symbolizes my father watching over me, and my rebirth as a new, health-conscious human being after his death. The crucifix pose signifies how he died because of devoting his full effort to the sake of others.
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"Deus in Nobis" Across Back of Neck: "God Inside Man". Stands for not only the potential in myself to succeed, but also the potential in myself to assist others to succeed and better the world around me.