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Wasshhhuuup this be Joker comin tew yuh from da 913 Killa City Oriqinallyy From Mexico City...Used to stay in da biq bad 213...And Yesh im down wit da BLUE and if yuh qot a problem wit dat GTFO mii 1_ yrs old just ask meh if yuhh wanna knoee...i lubvv tew partyy and get fuhkdd up...Ohh and BTW Yeshh i am a POT HEAD always smokin 24/7 420<3 for meh is everydayy...Well HMU if yuhh wanna kno sum more i dont bite ;]-Joker Out Much Luvbb P.S To Myy Haters i LUVBB YALL KUHZ YALL MAKE ME MORE FAMOUS[/size]

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babbyy; what can i sayy?![: yhew is the fckinn Bestt<333 BEST iEVER HADD! Wen yhew first asked " can i smokee yhew marie janee?!" dammmm; i fell in lovee<3 i knew this kid was the one for meh! ;3 A boi who knows how to partyy! ;] smokee the herbb! heheh; a.k.a ME! ;D wasteed andd alwayz past cloud ninee.i makee my Babee<333 feel good everyy day! He be hittin meh up 24/7. He'z in loveee!<3 No; wounderr he asked me to " marry him![ :" andd guess whatt i saidd; YESHH! i luvbb yhew hun! ;] moree then yhew know! andd i lovee it wen yhew hit me in all the right places ;o hehehe; yhew know how naughty i can be at timez >;D RAWR! watchh out hunnn! XOXO; Marie JANEE <333
xI Dazed Loc Ix

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