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My name is Lilly Setty.
I love Volleyball and i love to sang......
Ill feel out the rest later



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My life has been really messed up. The only things tht keep me goin is my friends. Love you guys.


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iiMexicanNinjax3 Report | 12/29/2009 10:20 am
iiMexicanNinjax3 Report | 12/29/2009 10:12 am
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iiRawrKooki3s Report | 10/20/2009 2:20 pm
every1 add me so u canbe my friend in
iiRawrKooki3s Report | 10/18/2009 8:06 am
KillSmiles Report | 10/16/2009 1:26 pm
i know how to do it see ˙ß∫˙∫˙∂∫ç˚ßπµgjrƒ˜µ´´ƒµ£®¡™££¢∞§¶§∞•ªº––≠œ∑´®†¥¨¨ˆøπ“‘åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷
ariel_paz Report | 09/30/2009 1:57 am
hi how are u?
nice profile!!
mathism Report | 09/27/2009 8:08 pm
hey how ru?
iiMexicanNinjax3 Report | 09/24/2009 1:13 pm
waz up! smile
King_Ry_Dogg Report | 09/20/2009 4:12 pm
go to my profile
King_Ry_Dogg Report | 09/20/2009 4:03 pm


*!?! Sick of liars and cheaters !?!*


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wow som1z had alot of sugar

this iz my bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

these ppl got my bk

y is it tht every time som1 says trust me they never follow through with it?

y is it tht they exspect u 2 love them but they nvr gav u a reason 2?

y is it tht ppl start stuff 4 no reason?

i am sick of ppl saying trust me and they shoot u in the bak. im sick of ppl askin do u lov me and they turn around and cheat i am sick off ppl just walkin up and starting things grow up ppl if u agree with me add me if u dont stay out of my face!!!!

i dont no about u but i only get 1 life and so far iv done good at screwin it up. dont b lik me dont let things u lov leave and dont let things u hate get closer u only get 1 life this is ur chance 2 live it.

y is it tht ppl say can i trust u,u say yes but u turn around and tell the secret anyway?

y do ppl say i wanna die and im goin to kill myself but they nvr do but start not to beleive them and then they r serious but u dont beleive them.

this boy i can trust no matter wat hes always there 4 me and always will b hes only got 1 problem and its hes 2 nice.(except in video games)

this dude is awlsome

wer the sexy raccons!

my boys!

be jealous biches

dont hate us caz wer sexy hate us cuz ur bfs think so!

a ppl!!!

be jealous

yes its possible to look this good

dont b haten on me or ill hate rite bk

idk any1 thts ever messed with me and then didnt feel srry for doin it

do you notice im hrt alot?

im so loved

the sexy stuff im wearin

me likey

my eyes are so big caz i just seen briatnny spears nakid

♪♥♫ ha but u wish you could do this ♪♥♫♪♥♫♪♥♫ ♪♥♫♪♥♫♪♥♫

♪♥♫ i love doin this

were so sexy.

she my twin!!!

i wrote a book if u want to read it go ahead but its 4 ch. and every ch. has 3 parahgraps in it so ya itsa long just somthing to do if u get boreeeeed

Ch.1 But mom why do I have to go? You have to go because your grandmother and father are wanting to see you. Now start packing. But mom I don’t want to go! To bad your going now start packing! Fine, but I’m not playing with Johnny. I thought you liked your cousin Johnny? I did but he has changed he is always playing tricks on me now. Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not remember last time…… hey Marry guess what? What do you want Johnny! Come here! Why? Just do it. Ok. Ahhhhh what in the world? Ha-ha gotcha! Not funny Johnny... Well maybe Johnny changed again? Sure. Now like you said I need to pack. Are we there yet are we there yet! Huh huh huh? No Michael were not there yet. Awww go faster! We can’t. Why not! Because there is a speed limit. Oh yeah. Why are you so eager to get there anyway? Marry don’t be mean to your brother. I just don’t understand why he wants to go so bad? Well maybe it’s because… I want to go so bad because I want to see the monster! Monster? There’s no monster. How do you know scary Marry? I told you not to call me that! Ow mom! Marry stop hitting your brother! He started it! Did not! Both of you be quite or ill pull over! Sorry dad. Were here. Yes! Mom can I go into the woods? No. Why not! Because I don’t want you in there by your self. Marry will go with me. No Marry won’t I mean no I won’t! Marry just go please? Fine! Come on lil bro. Be back soon. Ok. So what exactly are we looking for anyway? The monster. Michael there is no monster up here. How do you know? Because I’ve slept up here before. Well Johnny said he seen a monster up here the other day. It’s probably a trick to get us up here then he’ll jump out and scare us. Shhhhh! What? I said shhhh! What was that? I didn’t hear anything? Ahhhhh Did you hear that! Yes! Run! I think we lost it. Let’s hope so. Come on we better be getting back. Yeah. Ch. 2 Kids time to eat. Let’s pray ok? Ok I will. Ok Johnny go ahead. Dear lord please let us have a good time while we are here and please don’t let the monster eat us. Amen. Johnny there’s no monster. Yes there is Marry I seen it, it rips off your face then gnaws at your body until there’s nothing left but a big puddle of blood. Johnny quit it your scaring Michael! No more monster talk at this dinner table. Yes mamma. I’m so full. Yeah me too. With moms cooking you forget chicken is suppose to be white not black in the inside. Yeah and potatoes aren’t suppose to have the skin still on them. Yeah that’s a good thing about coming here. Good morning mamma. Good morning Marry, Johnny, and Michael. Hey where are mom and dad? They went up in the woods. No they’ll die! Wait ago Johnny look what you got him thinking! No there not Michael there ok. Fine marry if you don’t believe me then how about we go up there tonight the same time I did and at the same place when I seen it unless your scared! I’m not scared! Fines then we go at 1:00 am. Ok ill be ready. Wait can I go? No Michael it’s to dangerous for you. I can handle it. No you can’t. Aw come on let him come. Ok but you need to make sure you wont fall asleep and where sneakers. Why? Because if there is something in there well need to run. Ok I’m here now lets go. Ok. Ow. What? I stepped on that rock. What a second what are you wearing Michael? Um shoes. What kind of shoes? Oh my gosh your wearing sandals! I forgot! Oh my. Just forget it come on, what was that? What? There’s something behind that tree. Are you sure? Yes. Fine let’s go check it out. Be careful! I am. Ok I don’t see anything. Are you sure? Yeahhhhh. Ahhh! Where did she go hurry! Ahhhhhh! What happened? We fell down that hole why is there a whole behind the tree, I don’t know? Well what time is it? 1:30. o ok so how do we get out? Im not sure. What was that I don’t know it came from back there! Here get on my shoulders. Ok im up. Here pull me up. Jesse how much do you weigh? Shut up! Hello you guys forgetting something? O sorry Michael here grab my hand. Ahhh something has my foot pull marry pull! Im trying! Ahhh Michael! Marry! Ch.3 What are we going to do? Don’t look at me. Why not? I don’t know what to do. Well this is your fault! How is it my fault? If you wouldn’t have told him you seen something up here in the first place he wouldn’t have even thought about coming up here! Oh well my bad for telling a little joke! Yes thank you for admitting it. Oh I know lets go get the police! Yeah what are we going to tell them a monster pulled my eight year old brother down into a whole! Yeah that doesn’t sound crazy at all Johnny! Well then let’s go get your mom and dad. Are you kidding we would be in so much trouble! Well then what do you suppose we do? That’s what im trying to figure out! We have to go back in there. Are you crazy im not getting my face torn off! Oh my gosh just come on! Ok. But if my face gets torn off im holding you personally responsible. Oh you will be to busy dieing! Oh yeah. Let’s go. Ow what I landed on this! What is that? It looks like a giant tooth? Weird. Yeah ok now he went this way so come on. Man its dark in here. Yeah it is. Oh wait I have my cell phone! Ok use the light. I am I am. It’s not working. Oh let me see it. No you’re going to break it! Give it to me! No! Oops, wait ago Johnny now we have no light! You shouldn’t have pulled it out of my hand! Forget it. Hey what’s that over there? It looks like light! Yes come on lets go follow it. Ok. It looks like its heading for that door? Why is there a hole in the woods with a cave in it and a door in the cave? I don’t know maybe someone lives down here? I doubt that. It could happen. Sure it could. Now can we get back to the situation here? What situation? What situation the situation that my little brother got pulled down into a hole by some thing that shouldn’t even exists! Oh that situation. Open the door. Ok hold on! Oh my gosh! Ahhhhh! Ch.4 Shhhh! Be quite! Well what did u expect for me to do when I walk into a room with blood everywhere? Uhhh you got me. Yeah that’s what I thought. Marry? Michael? Found him! I see that. Come on Michael we go to go! I can’t. Why not he’s watching. Who’s watching? The monster he has a camera up there. Oh well we have to escape. He Johnny. What? Hand me that rock right there. Here. Thank you. What are you doing? Im going to hit the lens with this rock. Which one of you is breathing so hard hey let go of my wrist! Its not us! Then who is it? The monster! Ahhhh! Oh my gosh! Run! Climb out the hole go! Im up pull me up! Hurry! Johnny grab my hand! Got it! Ugh! Phew! Uhhh you guys? What is it Michael? He’s climbing up the hole! Run! Where did it go? I don’t know! I think it’s gone. Man that was a nightmare. Yeah let’s get back to the house. Yeah come on we need some sleep. Hey kids breakfast! So what’s the news dad? Well this is weird? What? It says local resident Terry Can was killed last night? Oh that’s not good who did it? They don’t know they can’t find her body and all they found was a puddle of blood and her shoes. Oh that’s strange? Ahhhhh! Kids where are you going? Away from the nightmare! The End




lol hi?

☺ ☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ♂ ▐ ♣ ▐ ╝ Ü τ « ♣ ╝ │ ◙ a ╕ ☼ g ╬ £ ♥ ╤ ƒ • ♫ ♫ ƒ Ä ╒ ∟ ¬ ± ⌂ ╟ Ä U π ¬ ╟ Ä U ∟ π ¬ ╤ l♥ve yeah i love doing this!!!!