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Hey, Lance in Here... You can call me Lance Von Alden or just Lance, never Mr. or Sr. Ok?...

To be totally true to you guys and girls since this place is so open, I'm gay, like totally, 100%, I like girls as friends, they are uber cute and I admire their beauty sometimes, but not in the love or sexual way... In that way I like men, my standards are lower when it comes to anime looks, but generally I like Beefy Men, hehe...

Changing subjects, my other interests are, TV, Computer, Videogames, Cooking, Sweets, Astronomy, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Writing, Hearing or Reading interesting stuff like fictions or others lives...

My most valuable interest would be Astronomy if you ask, I like the outer space and would give away anything (but my soul... maybe) to travel to the far away reaches, not only on our solar system, but outside... Favourite Star is Orion Constellation's Blue Star Orion Alpha also called Rigel...

Well, that's all you need to know about me, ask anything else you would want to know...

What I'm looking for here? Friends, doesn't matter if we don't share interests... Nice meeting ya! heart


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Donnamen Report | 04/14/2014 1:34 pm
Hey, Lance~! *waves excitedly*



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