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things about me would be...
im RANDOM....often HYPER!.....extremley WEIRD,theres not anyone on this planet like me! im one of a kind. The names AmBeR, nick name :berbear or just ber, idrk. i have a lot of attitude, and if im mad i speak my mind, when im sad or mad you'll definatley know it,you can tell by my looks my voice or sometimes the way i type. when im sad i use lots of ..... and if im mad i use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I hate a lot of people and love a lot too, I can be nice, and i can be meaner, i can be respectful but i can be really rude, i don't really normally care what people think or have to say if its something negative ur about to say,keep my name out of it, coz i dont want and dont need to hear it, im sick of the drama, and people getting into my buisness when it has nothing to do with them, i 98% love my life....(im not sad) but i have a lot or a few tweeks i need to work on. i need to figure out who my friends,accauuntinces,and haters are,i like neon colors, icecream, Family and friend occasions, chewing on things.(wape that perverted look off your face!) i dont type appropriatley,i abbreviate words in ways no one has before. because i get lazy i dont use propper english or use appostrophes and comas right,i misspell,and dont care, im wierd and wouldnt change a thing about me or my life. live it learn it,love it,cause you ony have ONE. you shouldnt lie or deny, do the right thing you'll feel good about it and get that tingley feeling in your tummy. i just realized this coz im finally starting to do the right things. lol i burst out laughing outta no where sometimes. bring up the stupidest stuff at the worst times. LOve putting a smile on peoples faces, and thinks its fun to act stupid in public,its one way to know what it feels like to ave all eyes on u! i like to dance in public and im rele outgoing.if i wanna be, one of my short term goals is to dance in the rain in the road with my bestest friend. a possible long term goal is to gain perfect trust from as many people as possible. a short term goal is to focuz on the upcoming school year i need to do much better coz i barley passed. short term goal s get unlimited texting on my phone! i love texting and im a computer on some what alot , but i have a physical outdoor healthy lifestyle to go with it. i love the indoors and being in my pajamas all day long someties, and i like being outside most times. i love swimming and love rollerblading...i've been told im pretty good at it but i can do better,i liek to help. i hate the denist its scary. im afraid of clowns. i can sometimes enjoy being sad, when im sad i like to cry coz it feels good to let my emotions flow and leave thru my eyes, i think its cool to look in the mirrior and watch the tears run down my face outta my eyes, i love to have sleepovers and be with my friends 24'7, i LOVE to stay up late and try to pull all nighters. i get lonley very easily and im rele emotional. my feelings get crushed easy, and i have a fragile heart, so its easy to break,it manges to break more and more each day but i stil walk this world coz with every good thing i do or every good thing that happens to me it gains its peices back i geuss. im easily amused and complain alot, when i have something going on I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT~ i get paranoid a lot. i get excited and get my hopes up too fast, and can be a drama queen....sometimes im a hippocrate. but i dont mean to. plus when i do it its ok when you do it....thats another story lol jk. i have had a bad long list of lies in my past and i hate it but at the time i just couldnt help it but im pretty honest and upfront about myself and feelings im a sorta half and half about girly and tomb boy...i love spiderman my 13th bday cake was spiderman and i love pillows blankets slippers and pajamas! When i do sleep i love it...i hate school...and i get annoying and annoyed easily!,,this is the longest about me ever but to the dislikes
i dont like.....

typing proper. annarecsics(cant spell well but wthe!) bolemicness is disgusting!
i dislike,
preps,cheerleading,school,too much sleep,too little sleep, rules,thinking, being quiet, learning, thinking about sad stuff and my future, being mature, mean, stuckup people, preppy guys, would hate to be tall im proud the way i am.(nothing against tall people i just would look weird tall lol ( smile i hate prude people and neatfreaks, seriousness, haters, i feel if your mean to me, your jelous so think about that, if your gonna be mean remember ill just think your jelous of me! smile i hate the people that think there better than even if so its just more blessed not better....god just ran outta time in the process of finishing some of us like our personalitys arent as good as they should be sometiimes.

Things i woud like would be:
eating when im bored, watching T.V, scaryness, weird things and people, corn, fruit, i LOVE my family and friends, my dad and my brothers i'd have to say are the closest memebers of my family,I'm no where near as close as i should or want to be to my mom...but my step mom Cheryl is great we argue but we have gottten close.... and my best friend Kota have a little to talk about, but i love her and she knows i'd do anything for her. i love coloring, and drawing, i love elmo, and even tho it doesnt seem it i CAN be mature if i need/want to be..but not. i like dorky people, AND I LOOOOOOOVE BEING SHORT! i love smiley emoticons! icarly and spongebob rock!i like bathingsuits and shopping!i want a pair of rainboots!bright red rainboots REALLY BAD IRL, i do love my little brother and would guard him with my life me and him are pretty close.
well thats all im going to bed...(: PM me) PS. i hate random friend requests if i dont know you dont addd me! call me txt me! IF U KNOW ME IRL! xD


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bhnopq Report | 02/20/2010 1:37 pm
Change your shoes, then that avi will be cuter!
Zz aNgeLica zZ Report | 07/15/2009 6:48 pm
Zz aNgeLica zZ
dresss money is 1000
Zz aNgeLica zZ Report | 07/15/2009 6:33 am
Zz aNgeLica zZ
psl.give me a
gold or item
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 7:09 pm
crying emo
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 5:06 pm
-nod nod-
What the ********!?
There's a yaoi -blushes xD- where a father and son are kissing!
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 1:13 pm
Prep means preppy, Amber. You're very preppy :3
It's not like its a bad thing...
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 12:54 pm
You do that.
And yes you are, you're hyper and bouncy and excited = preppy,those guys are just bitches :3
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 12:41 pm
I thought you hated being short...
There's alot of things in there that aren't you.
You are a prep but you hate them?
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 12:21 pm
No, Idk ;_;
No, my friend brought up that she got bit by hers and I just remembered mine dieing
bhnopq Report | 07/14/2009 12:17 pm
No thanks, sorry.


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hey my name is kota i am ambers bestie irl!:)

names jarred(duh) and im ambers lil bro,