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Registered: 08/20/2005

Gender: Female

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I'm a nerd.

I take that back, I'm a DORK.
I'm part of the Anime Dork Crew (blog and site under construction).
I used to play Ragnarok Online.
Now I avoid that game as much as I can.
I'll blame Fox because he made me wait too long for his internet.
Talking about Fox, I wonder where the other Fox is.
Enough about that.
Did you know that my dearest Luthien died February 15, 2008?
Hrm..The worst thing that happened? I wasted more than a year of my time on someone/something that isn't worth it in the end.
The best thing that happened? I had fun and learned a lot of things during that "worthless" - "worthwhile" time.
Did you know that I like pies?
Yes, I like saying I like pies but I don't really like pies much.
Confused yet?
What about now?
Are you now?


Alright, enough of that.

When I like something or someone, I take it seriously.
I'm not someone you'd want to mess with.
Can my pillow-san eat you?
I molest pillow that even right?
Her gf gets jealous but likes to watch anyway (flowery green pillow)
Yes I'm rambling again..why you ask?
Because I can and I'm happy and excited.
Mwahahah..phear my ebilness.

Oh wait...CUT!!!
<Insert laughter here>!!!!!!
For those who know..(Evil Br Laugh)

There, that's better.
I like reptiles and cats.
Huskies are my favorite breed of doggies and springers.
Me? I'm single.
Am I taken? Kinda.
Single, but taken. Rawr?

I'm a kitty.
Hear me rawr.
*waits for the roar*
Oh great...uh..

That's it for today.

I shall ramble again when I feel like it biggrin


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 PKmon Trainer Red
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 PKmon Trainer Red
Table? and hope you feel better...
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 PKmon Trainer Red
you will get something special after 7 days is past
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Agreed. :]
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You know my NakedMan is awesome. User Image
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Whut's your AIM?
Roodeeron Report | 05/26/2008 1:52 pm
'Sup? 8]