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Kid FREZZY Report | 04/12/2008 2:46 pm
Haine_Omiyato Report | 10/16/2007 2:30 pm
weeeee gold IKKI!!!! LOOK ON MEH PROFILE!!!!!! I HAVE PICS UP!!!!
silverneko9231 Report | 09/07/2007 2:33 pm
geting gold
~Inner_Wolf(Ifff)~ Report | 08/29/2007 10:59 pm
Thx, nice new hair style...lol
silverneko9231 Report | 08/28/2007 8:39 pm
hahah nice bird hat df
Vikirnoff_Savage Report | 08/21/2007 2:37 pm
ok so I wont wait anymore, I wanted to say good by when you where on, but ya.

I am sorry for all of it df. For hurting you like i did, for all the lies, and the pain. For playing with yoru heart someny times. For casuign you so much greif and I think a rift etween yoru friends. I know I have a problem, and no i'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me. I'm just staing facts here. I have a lieing problmes but with s.e I'm getting better, she wont hold anymore lies for me so I'm littler on my own with that. And I cant count on you or anyone reading this to beleive me. But hey it's worth a shoot.

I am owning up to all the lies, all the pain and everything I did in the past. Though df what I told you before still stands true.

So with out a dought I'm gone ^^ I do find Gaia to be a bit boring so. only cause I can play guild wars now. hehe yay. Anyway I might pop on every now and then but ya.

Still love you df,


silverneko9231 Report | 08/16/2007 10:39 pm
Ello havent talked to u for awhile how is u?
kimidi Report | 08/13/2007 3:04 pm

:] Thnks. Pulls mask to show face

Pwahaha. Glares. and says..

Me purred? Whenn.
Vikirnoff_Savage Report | 08/11/2007 11:10 pm
hey you should see Spiritwolf's dogs lol
Sayune Report | 08/11/2007 6:31 pm
......Oooookay. o.o......


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this is wat happened with me and with others in the ifff i hope u enjoy it leave a comment i u want


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