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Dimitrius/19/Gay/Taken By Fictional Characters

" I woke up to another mess in the living room, Broken bottles all around my feet, They came again in the night under crescent moon, Didn't wake me in my sleep"


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A Little Bit About Me

Hiya The Name Dimitrius, I Go by Demi, Demetri...it and "The Hell is that thing... Trust me Ive been referred by that once not even kidding. I'm Nineteen, Gay And Born on the 23rd of July which makes me a Leo? or Cancer? We Will just go with that, I Am Le Homosexual so yeah Males, Boys *Drools* Professional Fan Girl, And falls in love with everyone fictional or Tv male he meets or gazes upon and couch or bed Potato who pretty much can't adult for the life of him. I've been an on and off member for Six Years And was never Really a popular one in the chatterboxes but hey, I make the effort to talk to strangers on the internet, its a Great Pass Time Tend to be here on and off so warning!


God How do I Describe myself....A Little Bitter Bean who has a Sweet Warm inside...nope well im a living contradiction if thats the case, tends to overthink, falls in love to quickly for his own good, hopeless at Emotions yet gives good advice 'll go with that tends to have a temper at the hypocritical or the idiotic, im kinda a introvert with some extroverted tendencies and prefer to be in my own company most of the time, I have a Dark soul which comes with the dark humor and salty mannerisms, Sexual humor and memes to.


I'm Kinda a Artsy kid, I doodle but not skilled enough to do Avi art just little doodles and what not, Theatre loved Drama in High school until I dropped out it was a long story and so many factors but I still love the subject, Graphic Design, Photography, Sleeping Dreaming about boys n junk what can I say huehuehue, I do like to Write also but havn't in awhile


I have a Wide Taste of Music I'll listen to anything besides modern rap and country Sorry fans of that ahaha, My Favourite Artists Are Halsey, Panic At The Disco, Nirvana, Melanie Martinez, beyonce, Pink, Pentatonix, Linkin park, Evanescence, Paramore or pretty much anything that sad, depressing has a Guitar or Meaningful Lyrics, Guess im into Pop,Rock and punk genres Respectively


On and off Lol, Into pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Ect anything that has fantasy or magic is a automatic moth and a flame type moment for me, into Rpgs, shooters don't Really Excite me, I wanna get into those homosexual visual novel games wink wink, nudge nudge, but im broke and don't got the cash, I really love the Fable Series to its one of my favorite games.


I Really Branch out into Different Fandoms, I have so many OCs kills me and ideas for them, I like Marvel, Dc, supernatural, Teen wolf, Star vs The forces of Evil, Steven universe, Gravity Falls, Hamilton as a Recently, Glee and more that I can't Remember, Animes include Magi, Pokemon, Naruto, Soul eater blah blah still trying to discover more.


I don't read alot of novels lol, Guess YA on wattpad or just fanfiction Really, im into the whole fantasy or hot werewolf boyfriend action AHAAHAHAH! *Drools*I should get back into writing though *sigh*


Fried Chicken, Sleep, Cute Animals, Decent conversations, Cheesy love songs, Dramatic Show Moments, Music puns, Show References, Flirting, pickup lines,Dreaming, Day Dreaming, Listening to music, a Decent plotted Fanfic, making O.Cs, Roleplaying.


Lack of consideration, Animal abuse/Neglect, bullying, Shade, Monotone beings, Loud noises, being woken up, ignorance, writers block, Maths, social interaction in a public setting, not enough male Reader inserts in the world, pointless conflict and confrontation

Feel Free To Hmu yo! Im One Pm Away!

Snapchat: Widdepandademi

Tumblr: Clicky <3

Photography Instagram: Double Clicky <3

Instagram:Triple Clicky <3

Crush Page: Fourple Clicky <3


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Your avi is great!
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Thanks for stopping by. gaia_kittenstar
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Le Item List.

Halsey - Control (Audio)


The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

Indila - Dernière Danse (Speechle2s Remix)



Panic At The Disco- This Is Gospel

Panic! At The Disco - Emperor's New Clothes (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

Melanie Martinez: Carousel

Halsey - Castle (Audio)

Zombie- Cranberries

Famy - Ava LYRICS

Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks


Cool Kids · Echosmith