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Sean Dunaway
A great organist with a greater sense of humor.
I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye.

"Okay, one; That wasn't creepy, it just sent me into a mad fit of giggles. (Quiet, Libby.)
And two; Apologies, but Jareth out ranks you... Like... big time. On the phone, of course.. He never brings the handcuffs like I ask... Just whips."

"I hope he does you in the pooper. And the voice takes his sexiness to really happy levels. However, if he's not to your taste then Koro and I have snape tied up in our closet. His voice is sexy, he's younger, and I'd bet my life he wears leather pants under those robes. *nosebleed*"

"Ha.. It's a good thing I knew what you were talking about.. >.> That could've been taken in many wrong ways.. Position play, anyone? <33"

"Actually, FMA sounds interesting. Libby turned me onto it for... reasons of our own"

"Nothing with many booms and "ARGHS!" and "Maria... I'm.... I'm your son. ********* Maria*" Type of thing?
Well, not the incest, but you get my drift. =P "
^Candy Mountain Discussions^

"Everything about me is small.... except one thing."
"...Your nose?"

"Why are women so complicated?"
"Because men are so simple."

Koro:Is there a switch for that lamp, or something? It's burning my eyes...
Libby:I'm not sure.. Hang on..
Mark:You guys suck.. so hard...
Koro:I'm sorry! I thought you liked that about me!

Guest:You're only applauding because I hold all the awards.
Koro:And our grades.
Sara:I can't believe you said that!
Charity:...Well, it's true.

Dad:There are boys in the driveway.
Koro: ...Why?
Dad: I don't know. They asked for you.
Koro: But I'm not dressed, yet! (still in pajamas)
Morgan: That's not our problem!
Koro: I know, I'm just saying.
-opens door-
Koro: ...
-closes door-
Dad: Courtney!
Koro: Coming!
Dad: Hurry up. One is late for work.
Koro and Morgan: That's his own fault.

"Blondes have more fun, but brunettes do it better."

Mark: Wanna Fanta, don't you wanna--punch me in the face.
Pinto: Mhm.

"Mm... there's something about Bob Marley and weed that makes me hungry."

"No woman wants to squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon without cutting it up first!"

Koro: "Mudslides"
Derek: Think.
Koro:... Not delicious! Not delicious!

Koro: Woke.. up? I didn't know you took naps, Batman.
Batman: I don't have to save Gotham City until after sundown.

vA game of chessv
Sheb: Ahahaha. That's funny. Nom nom nom nom.

Sheb: 6:45, AMC 20, Across the Universe. How does that sound?
Koro: Sounds fine.
Mark: 6:45 Across.
Koro: Is Robbie going to randomly pop up and tell me the exact same thing you and Sheb just said?
Robbie: "6:45 Across the Universe."
Koro:...I hate you.

Koro: Mango or strawberry?
Derek: Both. At the same time. Like testicles in my mouth.

"Your pocket wasn't open! She lifted her skirt for me!"

"Can I has 'run' button now?"

vA good humored text message... or twov
I've dreamed about you every day since I met you. Your hard p***s finds its way inside me in all of my fantasies. I want your throbbing c**k to finall break my ear virginity. Meet me after school..."

You have..... "performance issues."

Libby: I don't remember what I rhymed noodle with.
Koro: Foodle*.
Libby: Foodle?
Koro: Oodles of noodles while Poodles eat Foodles.
Libby: And Voldemort fondles the Foodle-eating Poodles!
Koro: While the noodles canoodle themselves?
*Foodle: Fox Terrier/Poodle hybrid.

"Who just gave me a candy cane? Wait! Molleh! Come back! Fine! ******** you! .... I'll eat your candy cane in spite! -shakes fist-"

Sara: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Koro: Holy shire, what does that mean?
Sara: Fear of long words.

Mark: Gotta use protection.
Libby: I just got the most horrible image of someone using a Dorrito bag as a condom.
Koro: "What is that crunching sound?" "It's just the chips."

Morgan: I need my sleep after the gardeners wake me up every Wednesday.
Koro: Why are you complaining? I'm up before the gardeners.
Nathan: ... We have gardeners?

Charity: g;nros ******** you.
Koro: ******** Sheb, not me.
Charity: No thanks.
Koro: ...Yeah, I understand. I'm the better ********, anyway.
Charity: Mm. Totally. No doubt.

Mark: Can... Can I call a friend?
Koro: Fine. But it'll cost ya thirty bucks.
Mark: I'll have Robbie pay you back on that one.
Robbie: It starts with a G and ends with MY FOOT YOUR c**k.

"Feel my squish!"

"Ice Kabobs. Because everything is more fun on a stick."

"I'mma poke you in the cloud."

"My dancing cactus does not agree with this! Look, it stopped dancing."

The horrors of laughter.
*Koro: Don't kill him! We need him for Fiddler!
Mark: No, it's ok if he dies. We can just roll up another one.
Eddy: -runs to bathroom and vomits-
=Mark and Sheb go to check on him=
Mark: You ok?
Eddy: Well, I have room for another plate.

Koro: Did you just vomit the entire plate?
Eddy: Half.
Koro: I'm so sorry.
Eddy: It's okay, it's all you can eat.

Koro: She will use her Charity powers, light the cage on fire, break free, and rape you with a hot poker.
Eddy: Haha, don't tease me.

Koro:...It's just not something Liam would have. Because he's secretly afraid of Amish people. Too quiet, too polite, the kind of people you'd let stab you in the heart because they fed you good chicken.
Libby: Koro, I love you. Really.
Koro: It's a conspiracy!

Jess: I'm tempted to say, "if you don't publish me, I'll be forced to release the goons."
Koro: You'd "be forced to release your younger cousin, who will arrive at your offices and beat you with a clipboard."
Jess: "She has deadly accuracy with paper clips and rubber bands."
Koro: "Pens and pencils are lethal in her hands."
Jess: "You don't want to see what she did to fill last week with a three-ring binder. He's still walking funny."

Robbie: Who is Eddy talking to?
Koro: He's talking to him about the bathroom.
Robbie:...Why is he talking to him about the bathroom?
-about a minute later-
Robbie: -leaning really close to Mark- I think he's talking to him about one of our birthdays.
Koro: Mine. My bathroom.

"You forkless forker, you!"



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Short Stories and Random Speak. By Your Beloved Koro

'Tis a journal. Woopee.

Some people use the old saying, "a penny for your thoughts." Mine are worth two pennies.



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Dynasty Juliet

Report | 07/05/2014 8:53 am

Dynasty Juliet

yum_cupcake yum_cupcake Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake yum_cupcake
sneep snop

Report | 05/07/2014 9:14 pm

sneep snop

Haha, I`m trying to bump two recruitment pages xD
I wish I posted the RP slowly throughout today rather than rushing it at 4 AM.
I`ve also been dying for another Summer RP, much like the one we were in.
But it doesn`t seem like a lot of people are doing that anymore :'P
I had started one a while back as well and might try to do it again. Dunno yet
sneep snop

Report | 05/07/2014 3:19 pm

sneep snop

Hehe, thanks c:
Things were rough for a while but I`m feeling pretty good now ~
Yeah I haven`t been able to RP since . . . we RPed together x'D ( so a semester )
I`ve been searching but can`t find ones that interest me, and the ones that do are full.
I made one but posted it at 4 AM so I don`t think people saw it x'D
sneep snop

Report | 05/07/2014 2:36 pm

sneep snop

Pretty good ! Done with my first year of college :3
Now searching for RPs to join for the summer.
Glad you`re doing well ~
sneep snop

Report | 05/07/2014 2:01 pm

sneep snop

Hello Koro~chan ! :3
How are you ?

Report | 02/17/2014 7:43 pm


o u o it still flows together super well~ I kind of like it better than the matchy matchy look, but thank you * u *!

Report | 02/16/2014 9:52 pm


your avi. is so cute. *_____*

Report | 09/24/2013 10:03 am


Koro Koro Koro Koro Koro Koro Hi.
sneep snop

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( / profile stalk )

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o.o *pokes comment button*
Oh, lookie there =D


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