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Most Saturdays I will be able to role play before about 10:00 and again at about maybe 4:00.

This month is the anniversary of the last time that I got to spend with my favorite aunt, before she died from brain cancer, so I may or may not be feeing up to role playing on some days.

About me

I am a 38 year old women
who has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a few years, but I started doing play by post role plays first starting in about 2003 or 2004.

My other hobbies inculcated watch animated shows and movies (Mostly anime, but I also love a few American animation studios and an Irish animation studio called Cartoon Saloon also looks very good), World of Warcraft (especially classic WoW), Painting, reading, listening to podcasts related to my hobbies, along with anything else that I find interesting, I also love music, and play Skyrim and enjoy looking up lore related to all of the Elder Scrolls Games, along with lore related to other games that I play, and or games and shows that I have never played or seen.

I also love stuffed animals, and have finally with in the past fully embraced my diagnosis on the autism spectrum, and have started to live openly on the spectrum instead of masking. This has helped me to deal with sevel aspects of my life more constructively.

for the most part I am not interested in sports, but I started becoming interested in soccer last year. My favorite team are the Minnesota Loons and as a fan of a Minnesota team I know that I have to be prepared for them to play a good to decent season, only for it to all fall apart in the finals.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!