.::*Hello there!*::.

~ I'm Izzy ~

~ I'm 19 years old ~

~ I'm a legit ballerina who's on her way of becoming a Professional ~

~ I L O V E to write poetry and short stories. Most of my inspirations comes from dreams I have ~

~ I remember my dreams all the time ~

~ I'm a huge bookworm and when I have hold of a good book, I won't put it down ~

~ I knit ~

~ I'm obsessed with leotards and warm-ups for dance class XD ~

~ I can play the violin and piano by ear ~

~ I'm a lover of Indie music or songs from the 80's ~

~ I'm obsessed with Film Scores and soundtracks ~

~ I can speak Japanese ~

~ I'm kinda psychic ~

~ PM me if you wanna talk or be friends ~