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bliss fields on 03/17/2021

Music You've Probs Heard on my Profile

War Horse by Tengger Cavalry
Scared of People by Dayglo Abortions
Witch (full album) by Witch
Sawdust (full album) by The Killers
Venus by Lady Gaga
[Ie] by Yeti
Nillili Mambo by Block-B
「unravel」 by TK (opening to Tokyo Ghoul)
Golden Antlers by Glass ******** Boyz Get Money by FEMM

Currently: Runnin' (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin


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hi i'm cat and i'm dying inside goodbye
i love sword boys and baras and snorlax and anime and cellphone charms and being lazy as ********
i spend a lot of time with my head shoved in books and working and crying

the quest for the golden ticket is legit on at this point maybe idk how i feel

fight me IRL, punk

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» 3DS/New Leaf: 1864-8582-0680

»dumb seagull baby is mine with art/design by pupprince@DA