My whole life is just an inconvenient circumstance though somehow I manage to stay cheerful in some manor for the majority of the time.

I'm driven mad by all the things that never change in my life but am able stay sane because of my friends, music, poetry, internet connection, art, and books.

I'm easily distracted, easy to please, irritable, weird, extremely paranoid, open minded, indecisive, annoyingly complicated, always medicated, creative-ish, pretty damn sarcastic, retarded, and 100% conditional.

I hate people who hate me.

And I literally love you with all my heart<3

Name: Christine (aka Chrissy)
Gender: She
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Mighty whitey
Orientation: Pansexual (and no that does not mean I ******** pans, yeesh)
Height: 5' 5"
Body Type: Slimish/average
IQ: ******** if I know ;> .>
Religion: I haven't given myself a label but I do believe in God to an extent.
Residence: Modesto(aka Methdesto), CA
Occupation: Life, Chapter: High School Graduate

By now you could be my stalker c: anything else you want to know just ask.


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Shiqie's Journal

My Writings

Just random thoughts and feelings and what not. Just the typical journal for a not so typical person.



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glitched at birth

Report | 05/17/2011 9:45 pm

glitched at birth

LMAO!! that is so random.. and strangely catchy :B

Report | 05/08/2011 4:58 pm


long time no see. pm me
glitched at birth

Report | 04/20/2011 1:35 am

glitched at birth

alrighty, will do ^_^ And its ok as I know its hard. I just want to be here for you as much as possible b/c I care. maybe too much ._. But I can't help it.... And should I not catch u, a goodnite to you as well...
glitched at birth

Report | 04/20/2011 1:23 am

glitched at birth

kk.. hope de dopes for the bestestes then..
sorry, thought u logged off for good so i went to bathroom...
glitched at birth

Report | 04/20/2011 12:47 am

glitched at birth

Nah, I'd be sure to visit, even plan an escape if u wanted and would hope u would do the same for me... and if u should go before me, well, lets just say I'd be the wierdo talkin to the grave marker...
glitched at birth

Report | 03/28/2011 12:28 pm

glitched at birth

That's sick! Where did u stumble upon that little number?
glitched at birth

Report | 03/24/2011 9:22 am

glitched at birth

Have an enjoyable yearly anniversary of the day you escaped your mother!!
glitched at birth

Report | 12/24/2010 11:02 pm

glitched at birth

ahhhhhh... i see. so if u not buyin anything, did u just trade the stuffs u got equiped from confettify?
Lonely Warrior22

Report | 12/24/2010 10:57 pm

Lonely Warrior22

sigh..merry christmas...cya around*flies off
glitched at birth

Report | 12/24/2010 10:53 pm

glitched at birth

realllllyy?? LMAO!!! she basicly took it over to raise gold and what nots and now u usin it again (and prolly spendin some of that golds.. xp


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