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Location: Bunkyō, Tōkyō

Birthday: 04/08

Occupation: Student, Host


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I'm sorry, but this List is reserved.
Scroll down to read why. (こくち)

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I prefer conversing over profile comments rather than PM's because:

1. Our Gaian selves will be richer from posting comments on profiles. I would love to help you!

2. I like visitors seeing that I'm alive and active!

3. My inbox can easily fill up |8o; and I prefer reserving it for more serious matters. If I am hosting you or we are having small talk, I would much rather we do so via profile comments.

4. Wouldn't it be nice if our relationship could be documented as we speak? It saves us time from using a scrapbook ; ) (though that would be a fun activity)


I prefer using icons in my comments. I apologise it takes a while User Image It's the sacrifice for a good appearance. I might use text only sometimes.


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kitsune aiko-chan kuchiki Report | 04/24/2015 11:26 am
Hi hi Tamaki. How are you?
kitsune aiko-chan kuchiki Report | 04/08/2014 2:15 pm
Happy B-day Tamaki yum_cupcake
Severre Wolf 19 Report | 02/24/2014 6:58 pm
Read &write
Cyoot as a Button Report | 02/24/2014 8:46 am
She smiles at his suggestion of getting inspirations for more paintings, "That's a great idea! Haha where would you like to go first?"
Severre Wolf 19 Report | 02/22/2014 11:42 am
Tama-chan I missed u
Itz_Breezy_Bxtch Report | 02/21/2014 5:46 pm
I think I'm in love with your profile! It's so... nice and beautiful! emotion_bigheart Just wanted to let you know!
Severre Wolf 19 Report | 02/20/2014 5:14 pm
Yes it was lovely did u get my request to join?
Severre Wolf 19 Report | 02/19/2014 6:00 pm
Hi tama-chan! -hugs-
kitsune aiko-chan kuchiki Report | 02/19/2014 5:59 pm
*cries at the song* Tamaki you always know the songs to make me happy thank you. I never did get that valentine from you* giggles*
kitsune aiko-chan kuchiki Report | 02/14/2014 6:18 am
I will just relax today and maybe get some candy..... Oh and *gives you some fresh baked brownies* Happy Valentines Day Tamaki yum_cupcake


We're not the originals "in a way". We believe "as though" we are!
(for the purpose of roleplaying ourselves for our guests)
There's a difference, everyone.

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"Look here. [She and I] agreed your account goes unsurpassed
in gaia. You know the material inside out, hardworking, and you've
managed to suspend many people's disbeliefs. That makes you
a great rper. : )"

[Wow* I didn't know]

Past songs’ lyrics:
「ありがとう。 君がいてくれて本当よかったよ。」
"I keep trying because that's what
I said I would do from the start."

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(I took the optional task upon myself and tried to find good AMVs for my fans. Do I get credit for my hard work?)

+ Sum me up? +

My Heart
Bittersweet Life
Rolemodels (found long ago)
Already invincible!
(Loneliness was a friend of mine)
Spent rest of my life happy
Experiences of all kinds! ♡

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King's Memo Book ♔ ♕

Notes, lists, projects, investigations, plans, quick thoughts; full of personal entries, despite it being my memo book;;;.


ねがったりかなったり ;o


Love never changes but feelings may. 断じて私は考えを変えません。



たこう(great happiness)

こふく (イングリッシュ ingurisshu)







Because I enjoy myself best when

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everybody has a smile on their face


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King's Inbox

You have reached

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Suō Tamaki and Antoinette.

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Leave a message!

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I love to listen to you and feel closer to you
I love to read what you thoughtfully write to me!

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I'm unfortunately very busy - however, my feelings don't

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change due to something as insignificant as time.

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I will always reply you, just not immediately. I always remember you while I'm
busy because I know I haven't spoken to you yet. I'm reliable and I keep my
promises; it's part of being a good man.

"You should know that he has a tendency to delay PM's, preferring to get things
out of the way first before replying. Don't let his lack of promptness get to you
too personally." - Kyouya

You're incredibly helpful to me if you...
Please do not send a new PM every time you reply where you erase
prior messages. That's how I could no longer organise my inbox. I save the
last message of most things. If we have multiple conversations where little is
really said, I can't save anything and the clutter sits there, taking up space : /
Blood Type A's are organised but it's too overwhelming...

eg: Three slightly different replies of the same PM from the same person =
I can't save the one RP/PM topic we have because it's scattered with no history.
Or someone sends a new one when I haven't replied their original one.
I do remember I haven't replied it yet, you know.
You are important to me so I don't forget.

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If I haven't replied you yet, never take it personally. I want to talk to you. I
prefer giving my undivided attention to someone, and something, so I commit
on doing other things first with no distractions and side projects. I don't like to
do things half-way.
I have a lot of things to do before I'm always available though.
I'm 17 and I am in a school, after all, and the hosts all maintain their high rankings.
(, health, reputations, social status, relationships, connections, club reputation, family expectations, etc)


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User Image User Image User Image

Don't you know?
A club is like a family!

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I will check my messages 
when I have time, OK? ♡
I miss all of you and talking to you.

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-PMs not disabled-
This is more of an account where if you have a message, you can send it.
I'll see if I can reply, but at least you're able to leave something we'll enjoy later.

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Note: This is a reluctant profile. I need Current to see Visitors.
My preferred profile looks more fitting of a gentleman (and of me) than this.
I don't think I can revert to it...And I'm selfish so I want to keep it to myself. |8o;;


-will reply when able to-
I will Catch My Breath.

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{ Friend List reserved for clients/hosts I always converse with.
Some people add me but never talk to me. I need a concise list. }

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-holds your hand- I appreciate that you love the series my friends and I star in or that I'm your favorite host, princess!* As much as my face glows at you who have entered my palace, if you won't be talking to me, it benefits both you and I if you didn't send me a friend request...It displeases me if you quietly and sadly sit on my friend list, dear princess...After we start talking, you don't need to ask me if you may send a friend request. Us talking is the equivalent of a friend request. Please add a message when you add me. I like to read it. It gives me a sense of who you are before I get to know you some more! If you would like to "roleplay Ouran" with me, I always accept. You already are "roleplaying Ouran" when you talk to me. -smiles- May I...? Welcome to Ouran Academy! We are happy to have you at the school and in Music Room #3

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[Pet peeve of a highly empathetic person:
being rejected before given a chance

"well I don't expect you to understand"
"Q - Q that hurt haha okay"
"sorry. maybe you can, just not fully"
"yes! see!
you understand after all ToT"

A different friend's opinions:
"Thank you for looking after me even when you're so far : )
I really appreciate it : )"
"I should be the one thanking you for always thinking and caring for me : )"
She showed me the note she wrote about me: "He is always there for me."]


"Our original guests, from our manga, are different from real life fans. We have to be single, Kyoya. The host club system doesn't work if one of us is taken. We "belong" to every girl who likes us. We could never pick someone, a fan, without upsetting someone else. Because you would love that person, it will cause a quarrel."

Kyoya: "May I just warn you on something, though? ...we have an unspoken rule among ourselves. Hosts are not allowed to have girlfriends. Tamaki puts it this way, in a sense a host belongs to those whoever designates him. If any host were to be taken, the other regular clientele would be hurt and disappointed. ...it would also affect designation rates. Likewise, a hypothetical girlfriend would probably not approve of her boyfriend hosting. Therefore, a host being in a relationship would be generally inadvisable and discouraged. Both for the sake of the host and of the girl with feelings."


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My Japanese name is Suō Tamaki.
Suō means "rightfully becoming king"
       or "to become king"
Tamaki means "ring, circle, or wheel"

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My full name is René Tamaki Richard Grantaine
René is from the French word "
renaître," reborn
Richard means "powerful governor" and
Grantaine is my mother's last name


oor: I'm not really silly. I'm more of a confident guy. I know what I want
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and I know how people see me so I enjoy it all. I like being who I am!  
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~silly and proud,
a perceptive idiot,
mature and childish~

-falls over- You are cruel. -gasp- You are cruel, Haruhi~






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Tamaki -King- Suou