Updated 7/1/13

Real N I G G A Fukkin' Real Bicches ,
Gold Watch , Fresh Kicks Tucked Blunts Is A Must .
Took A Long a** Break I Guess Im Back For Awhile Mobbin' On These Hoes , .. If You Aint Gettin' Money Then Idk The Meaning Of Your Life .. Allways Hated On ..For What ? I Keep It Trill And I Expect You To Be The Same .. Dont ******** With Fakes , Lames Or The Feds If You One Of Those GTFO , Despite My Straight Forward Attitude Im Humble And Treat Everyone How They Should Be Treated For The Most Part ..If I Can Tell You A Snake Ill Prob Come At Yo' Neck ! But If You About Yo Sh*t You Can Roll With Uhh Real ***** .. But Enough About Me .. Wassgood With You ?

Fkk With My Kik : SheMoansForPapi