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Name: Kristopher or (Kris)
Age: 19 (DOB) 1-22-1994
States: Single
About me; It wasnt easy for me too grow up or hard I walk pass my life like it was a road and I'm crossing the street too get to the other side I never did like life it self there were time that I wasnt even in this life but some how came back but it doesnt matter I smoke weed and eat shrooms to stay happy not becuz I'm a drug user witch Im not btw Its hard for me too be happy and smoking is the only thing that makes me open up too other and forget why Im so upset I dont have may friends I dont talk too that may people and no matter what I'm shy when it comes too girls witch i dont know why...But anyways if you wanna know about me more or be my friend you know what to do.
Btw I hate grammer I know how to do it very well I just chose not too..
Good day

Kris Stoner 19 420

And YES that is me...

My sexy bong ;) I make love too her every day and she loves my greens I put in her ;D 420 smoke it up! :)