The name's aXis. a-X-i-s. Got it memorized? Good, because you're going to need to if you're ever going to know me the way my friends do. Now, let me begin with something short and sweet: I'm a Pokemon Trainer. Yeah, go ahead and laugh at me, because I'll end up forcing me to drink a literal can of whoop-a** and shove the remains down your throat - the same one my martial arts teacher keeps on her desk and has 310% the recommended value. You laugh, you get at least 5 of those down your stomach. I'm serious. I can send a picture of it if you really want. Doesn't sound threatening to you? Well, you be good about me and we're cool.

Let me continue. As I said before, I'm a Pokemon Trainer. 13 years old, top of class, and has been self-studying for 10 years. I have brain and brawn, so it's the ultimate combination. Also, you mess with my friends, ESPECIALLY Xion (that's all you need to know) you will also experience the same fate as when you laugh at me. Just 50 times more painful. And don't think I won't try...

Feel free to look at the fanfiction about me and my friends: Wings of Success. I didn't come up with the name. It was a group compilation, so don't blame me.

Also, I'm looking for some people who would like to draw my dream avatars which are found in the signature below. The versions are as follows:
1. Me with Dual Swords
2. Dark aXis
3. Organization XIII aXis (similar to Roxas, just with dark gray hair and red eyes)

Just PM me for a price below 50k, since I don't want to spend all my money at once. I will allow any type of art, whether it is face, half-body, or full body, I will take it. We can negotiate.

Enjoy rummaging through my profile, and we MIGHT become friends.


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lol that's funny. I just read your about me. xd Nice. Orgy XIII, eh? lol I'll see what I can do. sorry if it looks too much like my character, Haze Shift, but it's the best I can probably do. emo By the, I'm just doin it for fun. DON'T GIVE ME MONEY!!! scream I just wanna do it to work on my drawing skills. sweatdrop Tell me what you think when it's finished, neh? 3nodding Oh, and nice to be friends with you on gaia, a-X-i-s-c-h-a-n. mrgreen
Kurai Doshukkon

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Kurai Doshukkon

Dude , you realy do have a fathead don't you? One your'e not the top of the class, infact you copy off of me, two: you have as much brawn as you do brains, and if you still think your'e so smart think again... Three: You couldn't kick my a** if I was sleeping

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Who are you, again?