Name: Claudia:

C is for Courageous

L is for Logical

A is for Abstract

U is for Unforgettable

D is for Dignified

I is for Irresistible

A is for Active

Hello! …well to those who don‘t know me and would like to be friendly blaugh ….and of course to my friends! blaugh Anywho…yeah where to start…? Umm well the names Claudia wink and uh…Yeah I’m not your average girl mrgreen yep not average at all ok maybe academically but not when it comes to sports and video games 3nodding I love being active although I can get lazy at times sweatdrop come on! I know I’m not the only one who gets lazy stare but yeah I love to play sports! Soccer, basketball, football and many more that require a bunch of people whee My favorite of all is soccer specially when everyone gets all into it and the game starts getting rough blaugh up till someone gets hurt sweatdrop actually i got hurt myself. During an official game! Back in March 2010. I cut my left leg open emo I slid for the ball trying to prevent a goal and MANAGED TO DO SO! cool but when i got up I felt something oozy running down my leg and when I looked down guess what I saw? Yep BLOOOOOOOOD! Sad thing was that I didn't think about the pain nor did i feel it while thinking that I was gonna be SKINNED ALIVED by my own MOTHER gonk I was rushed to the hospital! In the end it took 26 stitches to patch me up :XP: Other than that soccer teams can be fun and unpredictable specially girl teams 3nodding very unpredictable, but its funny mrgreen anywho…yeah…uh…lets talk about Video Games! Yeah I’m a gamer! A girl gamer blaugh believe it or not stare I’ve played video games since a long time ago. although I haven’t been playing much lately…due to school stare but now that its over I have a lot of time to play ^^ but no games to play emo It sucks that the PS2 has been discontinued gonk I need to up-grade! But I'm broke stressed I do love playing video games, my all time favorites ones are…..a whole bunch of games ^^ it’s a long list ^^; I could tell you all of them but its a really long list, but I could tell you which ones really are my favorites and those are Kingdom Hearts I & II and DBZ games. If your still wondering what other games I like, just check my “interest list” ^^ Since I love video games I love to watch anime as well whee bet you couldn’t guess that wink hahah anyways yeah well at the moment I’m all into [Adult swim] anime. They are the BOMB! ^^ Well if your wondering what anime I’m into just check THEE list on the side. Music? Umm….I’m really into Linking Park they are AWESOME ^^ although I may not know the band itself I love their music ^^ its my favorite band. Yeah…well I guess that’s pretty much it….if your wondering how old I am? I’m old enough to know what I’m doing…except those times I got in trouble but yeah I’m old enough although many don’t believe me ^^ Oh! almost forgot I also love animals, in fact i have a little chihuahua/Doberman dog which can some times be a pain in the butt, but i heart him. LOOK! This is him ^^
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Isn't he just adorable!? whee

Oh and yea I'm a Capricorn -thumbs up- and heres a lil about what i'm about wink

The Capricorn person is the most serious sign of the zodiac. Disciplined, patient and ambitious, a Capricorn does what it takes to get to the top, to the point that if they don't succeed, they can become quite melancholy and pessimistic. Capricorns also have the same high expectations of others around them. But the Capricorn is often misunderstood - they are not all work and no play. Capricorns have a wonderful dry sense of humor that others highly enjoy.

Capricorn in a Nutshell
Born: December 22 - January 19
Element: Earth - practical and steady
Quality: Cardinal, the quality that signifies change and movement
Symbol: The Goat
Lucky Day: Saturday
Lucky Numbers: 2 and 8
Special Color: Dark green and brown
Capricorn Traits: Hard-working, industrious, pessimistic, disciplined, cautious, aloof


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You are awesomecause video games rock!), and please send me a friend requestcause I cant send you one from my app : ), but it seems this Gaia Online app needs additions I am afraid... But anyways, please send me a friend request, and I will be an awesome friend in return. Thanks! And please check out my store anytime!

~The Bloody Flood
Cupcake of evil

Report | 04/27/2013 11:56 pm

Cupcake of evil

Sorry for replying back late!
Hello! How have you been?

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Nice xP

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Wait, What?
Umm...I completely forgot what was said...and I can't even find it on your comments list. Soo...Yeeeeeh.

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lol it's to block the View my friends button xD
Cupcake of evil

Report | 02/28/2011 5:20 pm

Cupcake of evil

Yeah I did though I was really tired afterward....

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Ah, I see.
Alright, talk to you later. Goodnight.

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They don't know what the hell they're talking about. A nasal infection wouldn't cause a rash that won't go away...it's something else and they're not putting any effort into finding out what it is.

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The infection came back? sweatdrop What the hell kind of infection is this anyways? You've had it forever....I've never heard of an infection lasting for so long. sweatdrop
Ah, I see. I'll send them then.

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Yeah, I finally have everything set the way I want it on my phone so it hasn't been ruling my life as much anymore.
So what have you been up to?
Btw, when are you moving and will you still be living in the same apartment for a while longer because I have your DVDs, but I wasn't sure if the address would still be correct since you told me you were going to be moving again.