Morgan St.Romain|God Free|Smoker|Taken4/20/11<3|Straight|a*****e.
-Longish black hair(going back to brown). Big brown eyes. On the chubby
-I like Gore.
-Sick minded person.
-Straight up a*****e,But I can be nice.
-Zombie Finatic.
-I most likely won't like you, or just won't talk to you.
-Grammar Freak.
-Stubborn and not easy to get along with.
-Funny as hell.
-Pacifist and Agnostic.
-Reader. And Artist.
-Navel piercing,and size 0 ear lobes.
-Not fake. Not a poser. I am MYSELF.
-I go with the flow.
-Not sober anymore.
-Two nieces. And two nephews.
who mean the world to me.
-I like horror movies.
-Scitzophrenic,BiPolar,Asthmah,and ADHD.
-Two sisters.One of them annoys the s**t out of me.
-The baby of the family C:
- I think you've been through too much torture of
reading this. That's all I have to say.
Likes: Love. Friends. Family. Animals. Music. Horror movies. Needles.
Drugs. Manners. Food. Water. Sarcastic/smart a** people. Funny
people. Art. Books. Grammar. Gore. And writing.
Dislikes: Assholes. No hygiene. Homophobes. Action movies. Alcohol.
Judgmental assholes. People who let themselves go. People who Wrlt3 L1k3 Thi5.