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Aww, thank you Bev! Ily sis


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Information for you

- My name is Kitti

- I'm 16 years old

- I'm pan-sexual, don't know what it means? Google it.

- I live under your bed, making sure the boogeyman doesn't sell your undies on eBay.
But I tend to stay in the California area.

- There is a lot going on inside my head, so you'll have to explore it on your own.
We ran out of maps though, sorry.

- If you're stupid enough to want to be my friend, talk to me first.
Random friend adds aren't accepted unless you actually take the time to send me a PM or comment.

This is me below.


None of these are body pics. Body pics are only for trusted friends with my number, not giving it to internet stalkers.

o u o (6/25/2011)~<3