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Those who entered the dragon's lair

About Me & My Avatar

About me:

This is a mule account, not my main account - please do not send friend requests, they will be denied.

About my character:

Name: Jett (no known last name)
Gender: Male
Type: Half-dragon (Fire type,) half-human.
Has golden horns, red eyes, flame-tipped tail.
Age: ? (appears to be late-20's)

Flight, sonic scream, fire manipulation.

Animal hunter (for the humans who pay him)
Dragon slayer (for the humans who pay him, only if the dragon is considered to be morally 'bad' - such as, those who destroy villages just for fun.)
Human catcher (catching criminals trying to escape the law.)
Map-maker (since he can fly over terrain, people can pay him to study the land and create maps of surrounding areas.)

Other information about Jett:
An outcast of human society and dragon clans, Jett lives by himself in a cavern in the side of a mountain. He avoids dragons and people, as both sides fight each other for wealth, land, and resources. While most people consider him a vicious meat-eater, he loves to eat fish, cattails, and berries. His hobbies are hiking, mountain climbing, and charting maps. He does not care for treasures as most half-dragons do, but he does like to listen to music.